From shoe repair to manufacturing and selling, this Manipura women’s knitting success story | So Good News


Guwahati, October 31: Three decades ago, Mukutmoni Moirangthem of Kakching, Manipur could not afford a pair of shoes for her daughter. She put her built-up skills to further use, knitting mufflers and socks and then sewing together tattered shoes from the leftover wool she collected.

She used a shoe repair tool to repair torn shoes and weave the shoe uppers out of wool.

Before long, her daughter wore it to school, attracting attention and requests from many quarters. Finally, after a group of army men bought a pair of her hand-knitted shoes, she went outside Manipur, and later they came back for more.

Meanwhile, The response boosted her confidence and helped Moirangthem take her skills to the next level. In 1990, she started her own company – Mukta Footwear Industries. Gradually, she began participating in many exhibitions that gave her the opportunity to showcase her shoes to a diverse audience.

Moirangthem’s handwoven shoes have become well known not only in Manipur but across the country. Japan Russia It has already started receiving orders from countries like Singapore and Dubai through Delhi-based middlemen.

After weaving a successful story, 64-year-old Moirangthem empowered local women in her village by integrating them into the shoe industry. A number of men and women have been imparted training under the Entrepreneurship Development Programme. Her efforts were recognized and she began to receive laurels. Of late, she has been honored with the Padmashree for her work on knitted shoes this year.

Among the silver linings, Moirangthem worries that a lack of resources and financial constraints will derail her creativity in the long run.


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