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While dedicating railway projects worth over Rs 2,900 crore in Ahmedabad, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Monday said that due to the dual-engineered government, ‘Gati’ as well as ‘Shakti’ for development is increasing.

Prime Minister Modi remarked that today is a big day for Gujarat’s development and connectivity.

He emphasized that thousands of people in Gujarat who used to be troubled due to the lack of broad gauge in a large area are going to get a lot of relief from today.

He emphasized, “When the double engine government works, the effect is not only double, but it is manifold. Here one and one together is not 2, but assumes the power 11.”

He continued that with the twin-engine government, not only has the pace of work in Gujarat increased, but it also has the strength to expand it.

Apart from improving scale and speed, he said, improvements are occurring in quality, convenience, safety and cleanliness.

He also highlighted the improvement in the condition of railway stations across the country.

“The poor and the middle class are getting the same environment, which was once available only to the wealthy”, he said, “Like Gandhinagar station, railway stations in Ahmedabad, Surat, Udhna, Sabarmati, Somnath and New Bhuj are being upgraded.”

“After decades of independence,” said the prime minister, “the gap between rich and poor, the gap between rural and urban areas and unbalanced development have been a major challenge for the country.

Modi said the government is working to resolve this. The policy of ‘Sabka Vikas’ emphasizes on providing infrastructure and other facilities to the middle class and gives the poor means to fight poverty.

“Pucca houses, toilets, electricity, water, gas, free treatment and insurance facilities for the poor are the hallmarks of good governance today,” he said.

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