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new York, November 24 2022 /PRNewswire/ —

With the rise of Industry 4.0 and smart factories, digital manufacturing technologies are experiencing exponential technological growth.

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Disruptive technologies are space, automobile, industrial automation; It is playing a significant role in revolutionizing many key industries such as healthcare and oil and gas.

3D printing; advanced robotics; IIoT and many data-driven technologies are not only redefining manufacturing, but also fundamentally reshaping product design.

Industries and manufacturers have used these transformative technologies to reap maximum benefits in terms of operational profitability and sustainability in manufacturing.

Data technologies and data analytics are defining the entire transformation and revitalization of manufacturing, making it a highly automated and self-sufficient organization.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies drive intelligent automation and act as a catalyst to increase productivity in industrial operations.

Monolithic architecture is prevalent in industrial and manufacturing software development and deployment.

rigid and complex; A monolithic application is a large repository of code that requires manual deployment and scheduled changes or updates.

Patches released during the release cycle can take months.

A single failure can affect the entire application and the system must be fully recovered to resume operations.

In an evolving digital business environment; Business agility and flexibility are key and a rendered monolithic architecture is no longer sufficient.

AR technology simplifies complex processes by putting the right information in the right place at the right time.

It bridges the gap between cyber-physical IoT and the real world, creating an integrated environment in real-time.

Manufacturers are implementing advanced AR technology into their shop floor and assembly processes to reduce costs. to increase efficiency and improve overall production; This trend is changing the face of manufacturing.

AR overlays holographic images and integrates them with the real world, allowing us to discover effective ways to improve the product design process.

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