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Harvard Innovation Labs welcomes 26 companies to the 2022-2023 Launch Lab X GEO cohort, a global startup leadership program led by Harvard alumni to help transform early-stage ventures into sustainable and disruptive businesses.

“As we launch our fourth Launch Lab X GEO cohort, we’re excited to welcome high-potential ventures from around the world in a variety of industries,” said Matt Segneri, executive director of the Bruce and Bridget Evans Harvard Innovation Lab. “For the next six months, these entrepreneurs will have access to the extensive resources of the Harvard Innovation Labs. Most importantly, leaders learn from each other’s global and diverse perspectives as they work to build long-term enterprises.”

Features of the Launch Lab X GEO Leadership Program:

  • Founder’s stories from incredible leaders who offer candid and inspiring stories from their entrepreneurial journeys.
  • Tactical seminars on a number of topics, such as creating a product roadmap, developing a growth marketing strategy, hiring new team members, and scaling the culture.
  • Feedback sessions where ventures are pitched in front of a diverse group of successful founders and investors. Founders receive constructive feedback and advice on how to help people realize their venture’s potential.
  • Innovative call of the President, a competition to bring the Harvard community together to work on some of the most important solutions to the world’s most pressing problems. Lab X competes for a share of Lab GEO membership $515,000 in unallocated funding.

In 2020, we launched a global program and have seen our founder’s footprint expand across the globe.said Tara Pillai, Director of Graduate Programs and Engagement at the Harvard Innovation Lab. “This global expansion will help us better understand the innovation landscape in these regions, while also building a support system for Harvard that will pay dividends in the years to come. This year, we are excited to increase the number of Launch Lab X GEO enterprises by 30% and bring together the most diverse groups in regions and industries.»

This year’s Launch Lab X GEO ventures come from 10 Harvard schools and 9 countries representing more than 16 industries. More than 50% of enterprises have a female founder.

Read about the 26 companies selected to participate here: https://innovationlabs.harvard.edu/about/news/launch-lab-x-geo-2022/.

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