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Is the year over yet? The holiday season is upon us, and at Chess.com, that means only one thing: Your favorite Holiday bots is back! Visit our Play Computer page to dress up in your best holiday sweater, grab cookies, pour eggs and play with Santa, Holly, Dash, Eve and Powder.

You’ll earn a special achievement for defeating each holiday bot, but hurry—they should be back at the North Pole soon!

And if you’ve been overwhelmed by the Holiday season (like most of us) and you’ve forgotten to buy gifts, give your loved ones the gift of chess:

Give the gift of chess

2022 has been a crazy year at the North Pole Chess Club. While some bots have been training all year, others are just too busy and a bit behind. In any case, they are still ready to have a lot of fun playing chess with you! You can learn a little more about each bot below:

Powder The Snowman

Festive Bots: Powder.

Game Power: 700.

Powder is the youngest member of the North Pole Chess Club. He accidentally lost some rating points after staying in the sun too long. Beat it until it melts!

Eve The Elf

Holiday Bots: Eve.

Game Power: 900.

Eve experimented with new discoveries and lost some rating points along the way. Can you gain an advantage against his amazing opening game?


Holiday Bots: Santa.

Game Power: 1200.

Santa is busy all year round, but in between delivering presents he always finds time for a game of chess! He’s used to losing to his wife Holly, but he’s picked up new tricks along the way.

Dash The Reindeer

Festive bots: Dash.

Game Power: 1500.

Dash is Santa’s strongest reindeer, an avid chess player and vice president of the North Pole Chess Club. His aggressive style has cost him a few rating points, but he’s still a formidable opponent!


Holiday Bots: Holly.

Game Power: 2100.

Mrs. Claus went undefeated all year at the North Pole Chess Club! Holly is working hard to become a master—can you stop her?

Ready to enjoy the holiday season with new bots? Then visit our bots page and play against them before they’re gone!


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