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MADRID, Spain October 25 2022 — Honeywell (Nasdaq: HON) from operators to management; today introduced its Manufacturing Excellence platform, which provides real-time, end-to-end manufacturing visibility and dashboards for multiple user roles. Process parameters. A manufacturing excellence platform built for Life Sciences applications puts functional information into one interface.

Paper-based batch records to ensure the solution is consistent with standard operating procedures; Work guides and logbooks are digitized. Visibility of batch progress and alerts on critical process parameters allow users to react quickly if batches are approaching the golden batch or excursion beyond expected limits, saving batches and improving quality. Users in multiple sectors review process time; A faster batch release can be achieved with a significant reduction in functions and signatures. Batch history and reports support closed-loop continuous improvement.

The platform is compatible with SAP.® and other enterprise resource planning solutions and seamlessly integrates with Honeywell’s Sparta TrackWise.® quality management system; Experion distributed control systems and 3rd Party systems at all stages of production. It is production efficiency, Unprecedented interoperability to maximize quality and flexibility; Provides transparency and real-time insights.

“This new platform will enable professional manufacturers to manage their production in one place. The platform is quick and easy to deploy with a modular approach, and organizations can add more capabilities as they progress on their journey,” said Shawn Opatka, VP and GM of Life Sciences at Honeywell Process Solutions.

The solution is Honeywell’s process control; SCADA and batch historian technologies as well as manufacturing systems are available to support life science manufacturers on the path to digitization. The Honeywell Manufacturing Excellence platform is built for pharmaceutical manufacturing sectors at various stages of product development, from API manufacturers and contract manufacturing operations (CDMO) to biologics and cell and gene therapy manufacturers, from clinical trials to commercialization.

“With this integrated software solution, we continue to expand our capabilities and bring to market an industry-leading solution that delivers higher production speeds, reliability and the highest levels of product quality and safety,” said Shawn.

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