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Alexandra and Andrea Botes quickly became popular as entertaining young ladies with a knack for chess, but just how good are the two streamers?

Sharing a Twitch channel called BotezLive, the two have been known to play different types of chess, including fast-paced variations like Blitz and Bullet.

Alexandra Botes, the older of the two sisters, had a distinguished career as a chess player, but Andrea herself was undeterred. Although neither sister has won a grandmaster title, both are better than the average player at the game.

How good is Alexandra Botez at chess?

Alexandra Botez is the older of two sisters and has more praise than her younger sister. As of September 2016, she has the highest FIDE ranking of 2092 and holds the title of FIDE Women’s Master with the International Chess Federation. He received the title in 2013.

He showed talent at a young age, winning the Canadian Junior National Championship at the age of eight and joining the national team in 2010. As a streamer, he failed to achieve a FIDE ranking, but he posted notable personal best elo rankings for Blitz, Bullet, and Rapid chess on

At the time of this writing, his rankings in all three of these categories are above 2200 on, while his personal bests in Blitz and Bullet are close to 2371 and 2503, respectively. His ranking in the rapid chess variations put him in the top 99.7 percent in every category. In other words, he is among the top one percent of chess players in the world.

How well does Andrea Botez know chess?

Unadorned like her sister, Andrea Botes is a force to be reckoned with, even if she doesn’t have the ultimate FIDE title to her name. With her FIDE rating of just 1709, where the 20-year-old really shines is the faster pace of Bullet and Blitz.

On, Andrea Bullette reached 2301 and has a rating of 2120 at the time of this writing. He also has a 1950 rating in Blitz and a 2126 highest.

On the traditional chess front, Andrea reached his peak four years earlier in 1773. At the same time, he reached the top of the USChess ranking, in 1933, and the following year in 2019.


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