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Ep. In article 198 of My Metaverse Minute, Kieron Allen discusses how officials in Toda, Japan launched the Metaverse school service to combat absenteeism.

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00:28 — The goal of Metaverse Education is to combat absenteeism by providing students with a virtual space for classes, as well as campus tours and other social, interactive spaces.

00:41 — The overall goal is to re-engage students who have not participated in physical education. Japan’s absenteeism problem, with 245,000 students missing at least 30 days in 2021.

01:25 — This type of approach capitalizes on the power of virtual worlds and targets a new demographic – digital natives. Officials understand the issue at hand in the context of the people their initiative is targeting. Toda officials use Metaverse to provide a virtual solution, but the goal is to encourage more interaction in the physical world, another example of innovation in Metaverse technologies.

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