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Synergy Flavors, a global manufacturer and supplier of flavors, extracts and essences, has released a report. “Energizing the Future of Esports” where its industry experts discuss the fast-growing sports and video game markets and the opportunities therein.

According to his report, the global gaming market is now around $152 billion, but continues to grow significantly (9.6%). Not only that, the game has near global appeal with huge markets in many parts of the world.

Unsurprisingly, the largest market share is in Asia Pacific ($72.2 billion), but $34.7 billion of the market comes from Europe and Africa, with an impressive 11.5% annual growth (Nutrition Integrated).

Despite the significant number of launches in this space, Synergy says that innovation in one product type – energy drinks – accounted for 48% of these launches.

That’s why the firm conducted its own research to understand the different groups in the gaming community and how their needs differ, in order to come up with recommendations for innovations that can take the category to the next level.

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“The first thing to understand is that gaming groups are not homogenous, and many media analyzes often try to portray them as such,” report explains.

Gaming data analytics firm NewZoo divided the gaming market into six broad demographics based primarily on frequency of play: professional gamer (esports athlete), mega-influencer (streamer), micro-influencer (content creator) and gaming enthusiast (gamer).


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