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Metabolic health is often called syndrome X – affects more than 25% of the adult population worldwide and includes obesity, pre-diabetes, high cholesterol and hypertension, leading to the prevalence of diseases such as type 2 diabetes, stroke and other diseases. The total cost of metabolic health is in the trillions, including health care costs and loss of potential economic activity.

This is indeed one of the biggest health threats in the world today and the original focus of the partnership between IFF and Salus Optima.

A two-pronged approach to redefining consumer health

Key to the success of the partnership’s personalized nutrition platform is blending science-based, data-driven recommendations with behavioral change techniques—such as digital coaching—with branded products at the heart of the recommendation.

The first-level collaboration will leverage Salus Optima’s technology with IFF’s portfolio of health-promoting ingredients from IFF’s Nutrition and Health & Bioscience divisions to help product developers create differentiated experiences that address aspects of metabolic health.

IFF’s broad portfolio of ingredients is science-based and clinically tested and includes probiotics, prebiotics, plant proteins and fibers, and more.

Second, the partnership aims to help consumers understand their unique metabolic response to food, supplements, activity and sleep, all accessible through mobile phones and wearables.

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“Partnering with Salus Optima puts us at the forefront of the personalized nutrition space,”said Nicholas Mirzayanc, President of Nourish, IFF.


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