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  • Incannex Healthcare (IHL) partners with Eurofins Scientific to develop IHL’s ReneCann product for skin diseases
  • Eurofins will produce the cream, which will be used in clinical trials to confirm the drug’s safety and therapeutic effect on certain skin conditions.
  • Incannex said the test data will be used in the chemistry and manufacturing control modules of future regulatory packages with the US Food and Drug Administration.
  • This product is Incannex’s first to use cannabigerol — a minor cannabinoid — and IHL says its expansion into this space provides opportunities to explore new therapeutic areas.
  • Shares in Incannex were up 2.08 percent to 24.5 cents by 11:40 AEDT.

Incannex Healthcare (IHL) has engaged contract development and manufacturing organization (CDMO) Eurofins Scientific to manufacture IHL’s ReneCann product for dermatology.

ReneCann is a topical cannabinoid formulation for the treatment of skin conditions caused by immune system disorders, including eczema.

Eurofins vitiligo; The treatment will be developed for use in clinical trials to confirm the safety and therapeutic effect of ReneCann in psoriasis and atopic dermatitis.

ReneCann’s quality and stability testing data will be used in the chemistry and manufacturing control modules of future regulatory packages with the US FDA.

According to Incannex Chief Scientific Officer Mark Bleackley, the production of ReneCann adds a new route of cannabinoid delivery to the company’s portfolio and opens up the possibility of direct application to affected areas in dermatological conditions.

“ReneCann is also the first product from Incannex to include the minor cannabinoid CBG,” said Dr Bleackley.

“Expanding into smaller cannabinoids gives us the opportunity to explore the different activity profiles of a diverse family of molecules across a range of new therapeutic areas.”

A previous version of ReneCann was used in a proof-of-concept study in humans with dosing over a six-week period.

The study showed a reduction in disease scores in patients with each of the target skin diseases.

Shares in Incannex were up 2.08% at 11:40 AEDT.


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