Indian Railways adopts paperless system | So Good News


All files of the Ministry of Railways will be digitized as Indian Railways has decided to go paperless soon.

The Railway Board already started digitizing all business processes and file work through the e-office platform system from 1 November.

“We have already instructed general managers in all zones to adopt a digital way of working,” said VK Thripathi, chairman of the railway board here.

“This is mainly to speed up decision-making and adopt transparency. In very few cases, physical files will be allowed,” he said.

In future, only documents relating to classified, departmental investigative matters, vigilance and some parliament-related files will be allowed to be processed in physical form. The rest should be processed through the e-platform, says a circular issued by the Ministry of Railways.

“The government has emphasized moving to a paperless way of working to reduce delays in decision-making and improve efficiency,” the ministry said.

The circular also said that A4 size white papers, green sheets and note pages will be issued to departments, directorates and divisions only in exceptional cases and only in limited numbers and that too with the approval of the senior officers.

It was decided that all correspondence between the railway board and the zonal offices should also be done through e-office platforms only, the railway official said. The center has aggressively pushed all ministries to adopt an e-filing system for faster decision-making.


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