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A railway worker at Dimapur railway station. (Morung File Photo)

NFR AGM says project underway for world-class airport-like service

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Dimapur | October 3

Indian Railways reportedly has a big plan for Dimapur railway station – Northeast Frontier Railways (NFR) second best cash cow, after Guwahati. A project to convert the station into a ‘world-class’ station, designed on the lines of international airports, is in the works, informed Additional General Manager (AGM), NFR, Rahul Gautam.

Gautam, who was in Dimapur on October 3, told a press conference that the purpose of his visit was to discuss issues related to the project with NFR officials. The project has a target for completion of December 2024 and is now in the consultancy phase. “We are finalizing the plan with the consultant … based on that (assessment), we will decide what to do,” he said.

According to him, the idea of ​​a “world-class” railway station provides services and passenger facilities equivalent to airports, if not better, including but not limited to shopping areas, cafes and even a multiplex. In addition to providing recreational facilities, he said the idea is to streamline general services that will meet public expectations even a hundred years down the line, and create ample commercial space for businesses to grow, which will not only benefit entrepreneurs but also the railway regarding revenue generation.

He added, “We want to create an infrastructure, a platform that will be able to solve all the current problems as well as future problems.”

While stating that the proposed project will be a major contribution to Nagaland, he said, “Government of India is going to invest hundreds of millions in the project, it is everyone’s responsibility that this station becomes world class.”

Shrinking rail country

But the railway authority has a vexing land encroachment problem in Dimapur and a solution that will be a crucial element in realizing the futuristic vision. When asked about this, General Assembly Gautam said that there are 22 pending “civil suits” (litigation) related to encroachment of railway land in Dimapur.

He declined to comment on the area of ​​land under judgment, stating: “The matter is completely sub judice. Anything I would comment at this stage would not be advisable. Let the court decide.”

Nagaland Express
He further declined to comment on the reasons behind the rerouting of the Nagaland Express, citing that it is a matter being handled by the “Operations Department.” What originally started as a train specifically dedicated to serving the Dimapur-Guwahati route, with Dimapur as the originating station, was reversed to include stations up to Dibrugarh in upper Assam. The route extension of the train meant changing the timetable. It now starts from Guwahati at night to reach Dimapur around 2:00 AM, a reversal from the original 6:30 AM start from Dimapur. On its return from Dibrugarh, it reaches Dimapur around 9.30 pm.

According to him, when train routes and timing are planned, the convenience of the public at large as well as commercial viability must be considered. While stating that it was perhaps more commercially viable to expand the route coverage, he said, “I am not involved in the decision-making process and such decisions are taken by the railway board. If in case there is any problem, someone can make a representation.”


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