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Getting train tickets from Indian Railways during the festive season becomes very difficult. However, to tackle the problem, the behemoth organization comes up with several solutions such as starting special trains or increasing the frequency, among other things. In a similar effort, the organization has announced that passengers can travel by train even if the ticket has not been confirmed. The new announcement will give passengers an opportunity to travel by train without a reservation during the festive season. The only condition you must fulfill is to have a waiting ticket purchased at the ticket office.

Based on the new announcement, after buying the ticket at the counter, you need to get the one created by TT. If you have such a ticket, the ticket checker cannot prevent you from travelling. This service is not available to those who purchase tickets online. If tickets are not confirmed online, passengers will not be allowed to board the train. The price of the ticket will be refunded.

Meanwhile, users can book their tickets through Quick Tatkal, a new authorized tatkal booking app. To provide train reservations, Quick Tatkal has teamed up with Railofy, one of IRCTC’s premium booking partners. In addition, this software has unique features for quick booking of a tatkal ticket by pre-filling all information. 179 special trains have been launched by Indian Railways to improve the comfort of the travelers.

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The railways have also announced that travelers will have access to special trains between Chhath and Diwali. The Indian Ministry of Railways has announced that 179 special trains will run to celebrate Diwali and Chhath. Most trains will travel to Purvanchal. The characteristic Chhath celebration will soon be observed in the Purvanchal regions including Bihar.

In this case, Purvanchal residents residing in Delhi can take the special train. In a few other states, special trains are also planned to run throughout the festive season.

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