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Indian Railways has embarked on “Redevelopment of Railway Stations” to provide world class facilities with elegant features and give the stations an aesthetic look. As part of that, South Central Railway (SCR) zone has undertaken upgradation of major stations across its jurisdiction.

Now the contract to carry out upgradation of Secunderabad railway station with world class facilities has been awarded and it is targeted to complete within three years period. The approximate cost of the implementation of this project is NOK 699 million.

Secunderabad station is the only station above the SCR zone which is categorized as NSG1 station (non suburban class 1). Stations have 500 crore revenue / 20 million passengers per year falls under NSG1.

The station located in the capital region of the state of Telangana has acquired the utmost importance. on an average around 200 trains are run at Secunderabad railway station with an average daily footfall of 1.8 lakh passengers. Access is expected to increase in the coming days, and a major upgrade of the station with modern facilities and functions is therefore proposed.

A graphic representation of the revamped Secunderabad railway station

See the whole picture

A graphic representation of the revamped Secunderabad railway station

Accordingly, SCR has conceptualized a master plan to integrate the station complex with world-class facilities, infrastructure and passenger facilities to provide a seamless experience to the rail users. The map of works being carried out during the upgradation of Secunderabad station includes:

New station building on the North side with G+3 floors & Sørside building with G+3 floors

Double-storey Sky hall

Multi-level parking on the north side of the station and underground parking on the south side

Construction of two walkways (7.5m) together with Travelators, i.e. at north and south side buildings

Provision of footpath on north side duly connecting with Skyway of East & West metro stations

Renovation of the existing platforms to match the new station atmosphere

Separate entry and exit blocks (drop-off and pick-up points) to avoid cross movements of passengers on arrival and departure and vehicle movements.

Solar power plants of 5,000 kWp will be set up.

A graphic representation of the revamped Secunderabad railway station

See the whole picture

A graphic representation of the revamped Secunderabad railway station

The main objective of the station upgrade is to redevelop and regenerate the city’s core area with multimodal integration and seamless transfer of passengers from one mode to another mode, better connectivity and mobility for rail passengers, convenient pick-up and drop-off areas for passengers, adequate parking facilities, to relieve the circulating area and integrate with the city road network and to generate business opportunities and income generation etc.

Arun Kumar Jain, General Manager (in charge) in this regard has stated that the upgradation of Secunderabad railway station is much needed to meet the future requirements and the zone is committed to upgrade important railway stations on priority basis to suit the requirements of all segments of people . He also directed the officials to extend full cooperation to the executing authority so that the entire process is completed within the stipulated time.

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