India’s first integrated missile design to be based in Telangana; Manufacturing and Testing Plant-Minister KTR | So Good News


November 26 2022 15:20 IST

Hyderabad (Telangana) [India], November 26 (ANI): Telangana’s Industries and Commerce Minister KT Rama Rao inaugurated India’s first Integrated Rocket Design from Skyroot Aerospace’s factory. We are happy that the manufacturing and testing facility will be based in Telangana.
Designing rockets in Telangana; KTR said it has committed to the startup’s Co-Founders Pawan Chandana and Bharath Daka for setting up a manufacturing and testing facility.
The minister was the guest of honor at a program held at T-Hub on Friday to celebrate the successful launch of Skyroot Aerospace’s Vikram-S rocket. A Hyderabad-based startup hatched at T-Hub and powered by TWorks launched India’s first private rocket on November 18, 2022.

Congratulating the team for persevering against the odds, India, An aerospace technology company from Hyderabad is proud to have broken all barriers. KTR said that only a few aced rocket science companies around the world have succeeded in the first attempt. The launch was truly a historic moment.
The children who visited the museum at the Suzuki headquarters in Japan, the car, color name KTR said that there is a machine where children can sell customized toy cars from various sectors such as manufacturing and others.
The process teaches young people how to create a car; He said that he taught how to make custom. Design innovation is taught to children in a subtle and indirect way that people are not used to at an early age. If you have been fascinated with design thinking since childhood. People who are missing in our system will gravitate towards it, he said.
The Minister said that he is happy to see Hyderabad as the Spacetech Capital of India. He recalled that the state government has started working on the Space Tech Policy.
He extended his best wishes to another Hyderabad-based space technology startup, Dhruva Space, which will launch two satellites on Saturday. (ANI)


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