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Whether they do it voluntarily or reluctantly, more and more businesses are developing and incorporating e-commerce solutions into their business plans. This may include adapting to suppliers abandoning brick-and-mortar operations in favor of fully integrated e-commerce models.

While some clients are quick to adapt, large, complex industrial clients are great vessels for moving supply chain e-commerce solutions.

For companies like International Security in Newmarket, the key to providing the best customer service to such large industrial clients comes down to one thing: innovation.

“Innovation is a great differentiator for us,” said Austin Ertl, inside sales representative for International Security, a company that provides advanced security solutions from the world’s leading manufacturers to firefighters, nurses, utility contractors, construction workers, police officers, generals, and more. Contractors, multi-storey workers, emergency medical personnel, traffic controllers, industrial manufacturers, miners, armed forces and the general public.

“We’ve evolved from a traditional store to an e-commerce and technology innovator.”

One of the main innovations that International Safety has introduced in product sales and service is the development and implementation of its own software. Custom-built software means the company doesn’t rely on any external software, allowing them to adapt and develop their core e-commerce platform as needed to meet their business requirements.

“Our customer base in Newmarket, Aurora, East Gwillimbury and York will influence how we do business,” Ertl said. “It’s really beneficial for the community we work in to be a technology innovator. We test our innovations in the community to help improve products and services.”

Take local deliveries for example.

The international security platform works similarly to the Amazon Prime platform, allowing the company to quickly process orders and get them into customers’ hands as quickly as possible.

“Recently a woman from the Newmarket Hockey League booked us around half past eleven. Our guys went out to lunch and made the delivery. He immediately said he was surprised at how quickly his order arrived. Our technology allows us to deliver this speed to our local clients.

Industrial Safety’s innovative technology enables easy on-demand shopping and easy navigation of its comprehensive website from any mobile device.

“We’re not all trying to stop improving our shopping experience,” Ertl said. “Anytime there’s an innovation from Google to Apple, for example, we’re now trying to integrate the software neatly. We strive to make the purchase process as smooth as possible. We sell high-tech products. We are trying to extend the consumer e-commerce experience to the industrial world.”

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