Integrated products and personalization drive biotic innovation – insights from the Exclusive Growth Asia Summit | So Good News


This is according to Evan Hayes, Managing Director, Asia Pacific, Factors Group, in a public address at the recent Growth Asia Summit 2022 in Marina Bay Sands, Singapore.

“Probiotics continues to be one of the newest health categories and continues to grow from consumer awareness to product innovation, research, IP and more. The industry still has many hurdles and hurdles to overcome, but even now we are seeing the category. has evolved beyond the category of gut health, where it is usually originally thought of as “Hayes said.

“In the last 10 years, research has evolved in many different directions, and we’ve gone from next-generation probiotics to postbiotics, synbiotics, and more. we see the emergence of many different categories of biotics..

“It’s become increasingly clear that looking at just probiotics means we’re not using the whole toolkit in the space, which includes not only prebiotics and probiotics, but also other adjacent fields.”.

Some areas noted by Hayes include synbiotics – combinations of prebiotics and probiotics that either provide individual benefits from each, or a new independent benefit from the combination; postbiotics are metabolites produced by microorganisms that can enhance new probiotic functions; as well as other types of strategic combinations that enhance health effects.

“Strategic combination options, such as scobiotics, which are syntrophic mixed cultures of bacteria, fungi and yeasts, tailored for different health effects, are a very promising area of ​​development in this sector,”he said.


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