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Intelliswift Software, a leading IT services and Talent Solutions provider, completed its first i-nnovate Hackathon Challenge on September 15, 2022. The winners proved their excellence with their concept, implementation and delivery, ahead of several applications and finalists. i-nnovate was the ideal platform for technology and business leaders seeking to demonstrate the concept of “innovation with impact”.

i-nnovate, derived from ‘innovation’, aims to bring together the intrinsic value of teamwork, idea generation and presentation. Participants were invited to form groups and present key ideas under the themes of “Innovation for IT Business” and “Innovation for Society”. Dr. Sandeep Patil, Member, NASSCOM and Associate Professor, Department of Computer Engineering, International. Institute of Information Technology, Pune (India) was among the distinguished jury of i-nnovate final. “All industries from finance to medicine to security have been touched and many problems have been brought to light with innovative solutions. The new generation is innovating not just for money, but to actually solve social problems – that’s one of the important messages we got from i-nnovate,” said Dr. Sandeep Patil.

Amit Iyer, vice president of global delivery and engineering at Intelliswift, Decoding Real Problems with Technology, commented on the event: “Participants demonstrated the right mix of analytical, business and technical skills. Innovation is critical to our economy and society, and the pandemic has quickly highlighted the need for thoughtful and sustainable innovation. A platform like i-nnovate is perfect for allowing such ideas to take off.” Surej KP, President of Intelliswift said, “As technology evolves rapidly, everyone needs to be open to new ideas and solutions. It was great to see the talent on display and their passion for delivering impactful solutions. It was also a valuable opportunity for Intelliswift to identify future employees or co-innovators through i-nnovate. Congratulations to all the winners!” i-nnovate Hackathon Process and Results The Hackathon was open to two parallel categories – college students and Intelliswift employees. A strong panel of judges was tasked with selecting over 100 entries to present the top 3 winners and Star Performers (for Most Promising Game) in both categories.

Ideas were judged on a number of parameters, some of which were approach, scalability, sustainability, innovation and creativity. The winning ideas varied in nature and scope – from a mock-up of a ‘Smart’ safety helmet to a QR code-based audio-video tour guide for several isolated and lesser-known tourist destinations. Blockchain appeared to be the clear favorite, with several winning entries being blockchain-based solutions for healthcare, decentralized messaging and financial services.

Nivedita Ganguly, Director of Marketing at Intelliswift, says, “We are excited to host our first hackathon and the energy behind the scenes is palpable. We hope to continue to make the i-nnovate Hackathon bigger and better every year.” About Intelliswift Intelliswift provides world-class digital product engineering, data management and analytics, and HR solutions services to businesses around the world. It enables companies to adopt new technologies and strategies on their digital transformation journey through data-rich modern platforms, innovation-driven engineering and people-centric solutions. A strong customer focus makes it a trusted ally for Fortune 500 companies, SMBs, ISVs, and fast-growing startups.

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