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International Railway Safety Council


16 – 21 October 2022 | Seville, Spain

Seville, Spain

Leading railway safety worldwide

Join the international forum for rail safety professionals and register for the world forum dedicated to rail safety. Further details can be found on the dedicated website:

Since rail safety professionals present their latest developments through a (selected) paper is the essence of this conference, we invite you to submit your abstract until July 31, 2022. A specific official template will be provided by the Congress Secretariat for Abstracts. This template can be downloaded directly from the Abstract website.

IRSC 2022 main subjects:

  • Safety culture and safety performance. How safety culture and leadership help to improve performance: real experiences, strengths, weaknesses, difficulties, etc. Only culture and safety warning systems.
  • The future is present. Security data and systems Digitization technologies in relation to operation and security that open the way to online monitoring, analyzes and big data.
  • “Better Together”. Inter- and cross-organizational cooperation experiences to improve global safety management, railway safety as a unique and global value, regulatory affairs.

Every year, the International Railway Safety Council (IRSC) offers an in-depth exchange of experiences and conferences on new developments, lessons learned and best practices to improve railway safety around the world.

In this edition, for the 30th anniversary of the high-speed rail network in Spain, Seville will be the perfect landscape to reconnect with the rail sector through a truly unique professional experience.

The International Railway Safety Council makes an important contribution to the continuous improvement of international railway safety and performance. The IRSC provides a forum exclusively devoted to rail safety issues, bringing together rail safety professionals from around the world to exchange in-depth information on best practices that improve rail safety.

Join #IRSC2022 to be part of the evolution of the safety rail industry!

The event is organized by the European Union Agency for Railways (ERA), ADIF and AESF.


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