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The company offers a range of 3-50kW hybrid inverters. Image: Solinteg

Up-and-coming solar inverter and solutions provider Solinteg has introduced new PV products in recent months as it expands its international presence to 10GW by 2025.

Founded in March 2022, the company focuses on developing products and solutions aimed primarily at the business and industrial (C&I) and residential markets with its core ‘Integ M’ series of hybrid inverters. The company has single-phase 3-8kW; three-phase 4-12kW, We offer a wide range of 3-50kW hybrid inverters, including three-phase 10-20kW and three-phase 25-50kW.

To support its ongoing growth, the manufacturer recently closed a Series A funding round led by TCL Ventures and other financial investors.

TCL Ventures is a financial investment platform of TCL Technology, a leading technology company that entered the PV industry in 2020. TCL technology is currently divided into three sectors: display technology; Focuses on clean energy solutions and industrial finance and capital.

As part of its research and development efforts, Solinteg has worked to improve PV system efficiency and minimize energy loss. The company’s vision is to smartly integrate hardware and artificial intelligence while creating more value for customers by smartly managing the entire energy system and reducing energy costs.

Introducing new products.

Solinteg claims it offers the most comprehensive product portfolio of hybrid inverters for the residential and C&I solar markets. In August, the company unveiled the first product in its Integ M series, a three-phase 4-20kW inverter designed for residential and C&I applications, with an elegant appearance, advanced performance; Easy to install and stable long-term operation. Available in eight power classes, the inverter weighs 27 kg and has an efficiency range of 98.2% to 98.4%.

With easy data readout and energy monitoring, the Integ M 4-20kW inverter provides fast power transition in the event of outages and the product maintains continuous operation without outages.

A month later, The Integ M 3-8kW single-phase hybrid inverter has been released for the residential market. Available in seven power classes; The range can support input currents up to 15A and is compatible with all mainstream solar modules on the market.

A third Integ M launch – a three-phase 25-50kW hybrid inverter for C&I applications – was announced in October. With a rated DC input voltage of 620V and a maximum DC input voltage of 1000V. The product is available in five versions and has a maximum efficiency of 98.8%. This inverter combines a lithium battery with a 100A battery charge/output slide and a very wide voltage range of 135-750V. With a low start-up voltage of 135V and up to 100% unbalanced load operation, it significantly increases the PV consumption rate and saves electricity costs for consumers.

Kui Li Co-Founder and President of Sales and Marketing of Solinteg
International expansion

Solinteg’s main manufacturing base is located in Wuxi, near the ports of Shanghai and Ningbo, making international logistics convenient and efficient. Wuxi has a long history in the semiconductor and integrated circuit industries, giving the company added security of future component supply.

Solinteg received local government support to help set up factories and office buildings. In terms of product development, as the company accelerates capacity expansion, to ensure that there is no backlog in orders and quality is not compromised, the company uses technology, Strictly followed ISO system requirements for processes and quality. The company is based in Singapore. With offices in Germany and Australia, regional sales and marketing teams as well as regional support networks have been established. “With an on-site team; Solinteg can be closer to its customers and respond more precisely to their needs,” explained Kui Li, the company’s co-founder and president of sales and marketing.

The German office is home to the company’s flagship R&D center, Focused on the latest research in renewable energy technology.

In South Africa, At the same time, Solinteg has partnered with a local distributor to launch its Integ M range. “We believe the distributed PV energy storage market in South Africa has huge potential,” Li said when announcing the partnership, “and together we can provide sustainable, intelligent and cost-effective clean energy for consumers in South Africa.”

As demand for residential solar and storage increases in countries where electricity prices are rising, Solinteg is in Germany, United States Australia Japan It sees strong potential for its products in markets like Italy and Spain. In addition, Wealthy groups in countries with weak grids and disaster-prone areas have become new markets for increasing residential PV and energy storage, and the company is targeting growth, particularly in South Africa and Brazil. The manufacturer is pushing on its potential as it ramps up production to reach 10GW by 2025. “We are fully committed to providing the most complete inverter solutions for residential and commercial use worldwide,” Li concluded.


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