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Equipment and systems specialist Ishida plans to use its latest multihead weighters at this year’s Gulfood manufacturing event as the main launchpad for events at the Dubai World Trade Centre, writes Neill Barston.

Expected to attract more than 40,000 visitors from around the world, the show will feature many of its first broadcast technologies in the region, including the packaging and confectionery sectors for the bakery and snack sectors.

Full details of Ishida’s latest release will be released at the show (see our exclusive video preview of the event here); But Ishida said in particular that the new range, the company’s 11th generation multihead weighter, will offer unsurpassed levels of speed and accuracy. Handling more challenging products.

weight Some of Ishida’s other latest developments in packaging and quality control solutions will also be highlighted. In global markets facing challenges such as labor shortages and rapidly rising raw material and energy prices, Ishida’s equipment makes packaging lines leaner and more efficient. to increase yield; It will demonstrate improved input and energy efficiency. Retail sector. These benefits will help producers expand their opportunities and respond to the latest market trends in fast-moving food markets.

Highlights include the world’s first and only source fully integrated snack packaging system. Emphasizing the breadth of Ishida’s offerings in this segment, the entry-level multi-purpose weighing machine; Two X-ray inspection systems from its extensive portfolio of quality control solutions.

The Inspira iTPS combines the company’s flagship RV multihead weighter with its high-performance Inspira rotary bagmaker. The system produces almost zero freefall at speeds of up to 200 bags per minute (bpm) for extruded snacks and up to 150 bpm for potato chips. Advanced software and servo-controlled variable sealing time; Jaw temperature and jaw pressure are standard; made of metal reusable; recyclable and biodegradable; Bottom bags allow the bag manufacturer to handle with minimal change parts.

Inspira features Ishida’s proven iTPS software for full integration with other Ishida weighing and inspection systems. It is featured with an integrated Ishida TSC sealtester and force balance checkweigher to provide a high-speed solution for leak detection. In addition, The TSC sealtester is configured with AAF (Auto Air-Fill) feedback software that automatically monitors and adjusts the pack inflation level at the bagmaker.

Ishida’s CHW-214 multihead weigher provides an ideal option for growing food businesses looking to expand their capacity and line automation for the first time. It offers excellent value and a quick return on investment, typically paying back within a year. The weighing machine can weigh dried snacks, Cereals Biscuits Dry, free-flowing products such as breads and pasta can be handled at speeds of up to 90 bags per minute.

Two advanced Ishida X-ray inspection systems offer food manufacturers powerful quality control and food safety solutions. IX-G2-F Dual Energy Low-density aspiration in packaged chicken fillets up to 400 per minute; Ribs and fan bones can be reliably detected. The machine can also perform detection on uneven and overlapping products, reducing product waste by reducing false detection.

Ishida IX-GN-4044-S focuses on foreign body detection and quality control for a wide range of packaged and packaged products, ensuring unparalleled food safety and brand protection. The machine is aluminum, tin glass stone raw rubber dense plastic; Teflon PVC Bones and shells can be inspected at high inspection speeds, and Ishida’s Genetic Algorithm (GA) technology optimizes operators X-ray system for greater sensitivity to specific foreign bodies.

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