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  • Director- Rishab Shetty
  • Writer- Rishab Shetty
  • Stars- Rishab Shetty, Kishore Kumar G.,Achyuth Kumar



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I occur to look at the movie “Kantara” (5th November 2022/Saturday) the day before today. This is an wonderful movie made in kannada, dubbed into many languages. The essential man or woman is a clergyman much like theyyam in Kerala. The film is made in a natural ambience and inform the story of a village and its culture. The fight scenes are tremendous. We must admire kannada human beings for making such an awesome film. They love and appreciate their way of life very a good deal.

In malayalam, we in no way respect our language, subculture and traditions and we make stupid movies glorifying grime and sell dirty tales consisting of nudity, violence and drugs. We should look at Kannada and telugu films and learn from them. Malayam cinema is one in every of worst performing film enterprise in India now, few vintage actors are still appearing as heros with horrible makeup and movies are made which are alien to our lifestyle and tradition. When will malayalm cinema develop?

Rishab Shetty

Prashant Shetty, acknowledged professionally as Rishab Shetty, is an Indian actor and film maker who more often than not works in Kannada cinema. He is known for his vital and industrial blockbusters, Kirik Party and Kantara, for which he directed and acted as the main lead. Rishab Shetty is simplest 39 years antique and has carried out very well in the film.

Sapthami Gowda is an Indian actress who predominantly works within the Kannada movie industry. Her acting is natural and in shape into the function precisely to the tale of Kanthara.

Note: “Kanthara” turned into made with a price range of Rs.16 crores and it collected greater than Rs.Three hundred crores throughout India and overseas. When will malayalm film enterprise make one such an all India movie?

“kantara” in Rishab Shetty’s personal words.

“Kantara” is movie this is deeply rooted in our subculture, our traditions, and a lot greater. Even the language spoken is in the dialect of a specific area of Mangaluru. When I conceived Kantara, I desired it to embody our land and our values and present them onscreen for audiences. In fact, filmmakers from the distinctive wallet of Karnataka or the us of a, for that matter, need to also deliver these varieties of testimonies to the screen.

For instance, there are lovely traditions followed in Mysuru, which, I accept as true with, filmmakers from that place, who have grown up experiencing that, must tell the rest of the world. With movies like Ulidavaru Kandanthe and Garuda Gamana Vrishabha Vahana, among others, we have shown that films rooted in a selected way of life, language or location, can nonetheless have prevalent appeal and the point of interest should be on such memories. Only then are you simply contributing anything to cinema as a filmmaker,” says Rishab.

KANTARA Movie is special due to the fact

A Masterpiece. Deserves an Oscar.


Made on the cultural backdrop of Dakshina Kannada’s Tulu Nadu — the film combines a couple of elements of

1) Forest Land encroachment troubles,

2) discrimnation in opposition to Tribals ,

3) Lord Vishnu’s Varaha Avatar,

4) Kambla Buffalo race,

5) Bhoota Kola ritual

6) Man v/s Wildlife,

7) Yakshayagna,

8) Demi-God worship of Tribals

9) Kundapura Kannada Slang.

10) Tulu script. Tulu dialogues.

The remaining half-hour is a visual deal with.

Ee screenshots nodi. YouTube ninda tegdide

1: Hindi target market loved Kantara in Kannada authentic.

How is the Kantara Kannada film? Are there any evaluations?



As someone whose mom is from the Tulu culture I turned into virtually blown away the way the Daiva Panjurli became shown. It just gives goosebumps to the target audience. The way Shiva’s father disappeares within the forest and also the manner he speaks to the landowner changed into remarkable. And the roar of Panjurli is simply chilling.

And the climax scene when Gūliga enters the body of Shiva is just overwhelming. One can truely begin crying due the performance of the actor. The way Gūliga behaves and shouts loudly is simply something that one cannot describe.

For folks who are involved, Panjurli as according to thr Tulu scriptures become actually a boar which was followed with the aid of Pārvatī after which turned into taken to Kailāśa. The boar became stated to be very naughty after which precipitated havoc in Kailāśa was where Lord Śiva takes his existence. But upon Pārvatī’s request, he blesses Panjurli to come to be a spirit and requested him to shield human beings from evil. Panjurli is pretty well-known Daiva along side Korragaja.

And in contrast to other movies of South they did no longer attempt to make the divinities medical, alternatively confirmed the divinity in the best feasible manner. No insult to the culture of the Tulunāḍu.


Fabulous in my opinion. The complete tale revolves across the ancient Tulu King who gave his word to the Daiva Panjurli in go back for a boon. The complete lore and thriller at the back of the disappearance of Shiva’s father may be very charming. One will not even observe the time passing away whilst watching this movie. It is gripping from begin to end. There aren’t any pointless scenes or dialogues.


Only one track in thr entire film which again became fantastic. The history music became on factor and the bgm for the Bhūta Kola became simply excellent. Also cherished the history music on Varāha.

What is the controversy all approximately?

During an interview, Rishab Shetty stated that the practice of Bhoota Kola changed into a part of Hindu subculture. “It is part of Hindu tradition and rituals. I am a Hindu and I consider in my faith and customs which no one can question. What we’ve stated is through the detail this is found in Hindu dharma.”

Actor-grew to become-activist Chetan Kumar, however, stated Bhoota Kola became no longer a part of Hindu lifestyle but of indigenous individuals who are Adivasis, and it had been “hijacked” with the aid of Aryans who came to India in the later years.

In a tweet, Chetan stated, “Glad our Kannada film ‘Kantara’ is making national waves. Director Rishab Shetty claims Bhoota Kola is ‘Hindu subculture’. False. Our Pambada/Nalike/Parawa’s Bahujan traditions predate Vedic-Brahminical Hinduism. We ask that Moolnivasi cultures be proven w/ fact on & off display.”

Chetan has been vocal approximately socio-cultural troubles for lengthy, and is a familiar face in movements for the welfare of farmers, workers, Dalits and Adivasis. He has spoken for the rehabilitation of endosulfan poisoning sufferers (2013), securing homes for tribals evicted from Kodagu, Karnataka (2016) and, more lately, for a separate non secular status for Lingayats. In February this yr, Chetan changed into arrested for his alleged remarks against a Karnataka High Court judge hearing the hijab in school cases.

“Karnataka’s land has its own subculture, tradition and records even before the Hindu faith commenced. Bhoota Kola and different practices are part of the Adivasi tradition and were current for several thousand years,” he added. Rishab Shetty has stated in response, “No feedback. I need to not reply. When I become making this movie, the ones folks who practised this tradition were with me and I had been very careful. I come from the identical component and understand about it. But nevertheless, I do no longer need to comment about it as most effective people who carry out it have the proper to speak.”

What were the reactions to these statements?

Chetan acquired backlash from many quarters over his assertion, specifically from Hindu right-wing activists.

Sri Rama Sene Chief Pramod Muthalik stated that Kantara represents Hindu way of life and lifestyle. “Chetan doesn’t understand the tradition and lifestyle of the land. He is an atheist and a communist. He is one among the ones ‘intellectuals’ who criticise the culture of the land. He is making an attempt to smash the peace of society,” he added.


Definitely, a need to watch for folks who revel in proper film and need to understand about the Daiva Ārādhane. Such masterpieces are uncommon, and that to a Kannaḍa movie being soo correct is rare. This is way higher than all thr Kannaḍa movies launched thus far. I humbly request people to offer this movie a attempt. And as I am additionally a Tulu speaker (due to my mother) I was in reality satisfied to peer the Tulu way of life and lore being portrayed soo properly.


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