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FIDE President Arkady Dvorkovich reported on November 15 that Anatoly Karpov was discharged from the hospital and is in good condition. However, Russian news sources and media give different information about what actually happened and why Karpov was admitted to the Sklifosovsky Clinical and Emergency Medical Research Institute in Moscow on October 29.

The recklessness with which the news is treated, the reckless mixing of facts, speculation, and conspiracy theories in the Russian media and among the people involved is shocking, to say the least.

Anatoly Karpov, a member of the Russian Parliament, was found unconscious on the sidewalk not far from the Duma building on Saturday, October 29. According to information, he was first taken to the city hospital, and then transferred to the Sklifosovsky Institute. Some Russian news sources reported that Karpov was heavily drunk. Doctors diagnosed a closed skull injury and a fractured collarbone of the left femur. Pneumonia was also reported. There were reports that Karpov fell into a fake coma and even had a stroke.

In the following days, different versions of the incident appeared in the Russian media. According to Andrey Kovalev, chairman of the All-Russian Businessmen’s Movement, Karpov was seriously injured after being knocked down by unknown persons after leaving the Duma building. But this version was immediately rejected by Karpov’s assistant Albert Stepanyan. According to his version, when Karpov fell, he slipped on the street and hit his head. It is said that he was hospitalized with a concussion. Albert Stepanyan also rejected the news about broken bones as a myth.

Andrei Kovalev insisted on his own version, even though he was rejected by Karpov’s family. He heard information about the attack on Karpov from a source close to Karpov, he told Gazeta.ru. Kovalev did not believe that this was a coincidence. Indeed, the news of a drunken Karpov is quite absurd, because the 12th world champion has never been a friend of alcohol. Maybe the attack on Karpov was done on assignment, Kovalev thinks.

Karpov’s wife Natalya Bulanova gave another version. Karpov slipped and hit his head while going to the cafe. He had a small hematoma on his head and was discharged after three days of observation in the hospital. Karpov’s daughter Sofia confirmed the version of the accident.

However, Natalya Bulanova’s hope that her husband will stay in the hospital for a short period of time was accompanied by the news of December 11, 2012. Izvestia Karpov reported severe injuries, brain swelling, fractures of the right and right clavicles, hematomas on the skull and a closed fracture of the collarbone of the left femur. Karpov was on artificial respiration in the hospital. Izvestia also said.

After that, new information about the circumstances of Karpov’s fall was published. According to information, Karpov received a phone call from the Embassy of Kazakhstan while he was in his office in the Duma. The Kazakh embassy invited Karpov to visit the embassy and sent a car to take him to the courtyard of the Duma. Karpov fell on the way to the car.

Natalya Bulanova told the press after visiting her husband at the hospital that Karpov complained that the doctors were still keeping him in the hospital for observation and that he had not been discharged, which contradicts the serious injury reported in some media.

But last Friday, various Russian media reported that Karpov was recovering, and that the 12th World Champion suffered a brain hemorrhage, was in critical condition and was fighting for his life.

Sergey Karyakin announced this next Monday TASS Karpov is recovering well. Reports of critical condition were incorrect.

Then on Tuesday (November 8), Russian Chess Federation Supervisory Board member Albert Stepanyan told Sport Express that Karpov was still in intensive care. His condition has not improved significantly yet. At least he was slowly coming to his senses now. Stepanyan cited Karpov’s phone conversation with his wife as a source. The biggest problems came from pneumonia, Stepanyan told M24.ru.

The next day, Albert Stepanyan told Sport.ru that Karpov was able to make phone calls. His injuries are not as bad as initially reported. There were also no broken bones. But the former world champion would still be in intensive care.

Karpov’s wife Natalya Bulanova reported on Friday that Karpov’s condition has improved significantly. He was talking and watching TV. Now he would be kept in the hospital for observation only for a few days, but he could order his assistant Albert Stepanyan.

The next day, new news arrived. It would be decided on Monday (14.11) whether it would be possible to discharge Karpov from the hospital. On Monday, TASS reported, doctors decided to keep the 12-time world champion in the hospital for a few more days because he has not recovered as expected. According to Albert Stepanyan, it was unlikely that Karpov would be released this week.

For anyone following the news closely, it was no surprise that Karpov was fired the next day. FIDE president Arkady Dvokovich announced this on Match TV. “Karpov’s condition is good. He will be treated at home from now on,” confirmed Albert Stepanyan.

Photo: Natalya Bulanova (via Europe Chess)

While in the hospital, Karpov had enough strength to say hello to Cap d’Agde, where the rapid chess festival has been held in his name for 20 years.


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