KE named the winners of innovation | So Good News


KARACHI: K-Electric (KE) announced the winners of an innovation challenge organized by the utility in partnership with INNOVentures Global at a one-day event at Habib University, it was announced on Saturday.

KE ‘7/11+ Innovation Challenge’ is designed for entrepreneurs, startups, researchers and university students to promote and accelerate strategic innovation.

Participants spent the first half of the day giving closing speeches to the jury, followed by a panel discussion and award announcement in the second half. NEPRA Chairman Tausef Kh. Farooqui was also present as the chief guest.

The drive was aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs), namely Goal 7 – Access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all and Goal 11 – Sustainable, inclusive, safe and resilient cities and communities.

KE said it aims to highlight the importance of innovative problem-solving and critical thinking in society and to provide a platform to convene organizations and individuals across the country working at the critical intersection of sustainability and innovation.

Speaking on the occasion, Nepra Chairman said, “As a regulator, we have a huge responsibility towards society beyond creating affordable, affordable and reliable energy supply. We must also support society through sustainable innovation and development.”


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