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With Lilith Mkrtchian

So how to prepare for a tournament with ChessBase, Fritz and Megadatabase?

We also wanted to know the answer to this question and turned to a professional chess player. In our six-part series, Lilith Mkrtchian shows us how to build an opening repertoire, improve your skills by learning tactics, guides you through tournament preparation, and offers many other tips, tricks, ideas, and inspiration.

In this walkthrough, we’ll look over Lilith’s shoulder, track her repertoire, her opponent’s preparation, and take an in-depth look at some of her plays.

Of course, we’ll cover the moment you learn about your next opponent and how to trap them with special preparation. Armenian IM shows us some examples of how well this works.

A great guide on how your The next tournament may be even more successful.

  • 0:45 – What is your favorite number of rounds in a tournament? 7, 9, 11?
  • 1:20 – You managed to enter the top ten of the tournament. Did you feel any pressure?
  • 3:26 a.m – How was the tournament? the challenge Is it your patience or your condition?
  • 4:30 – You needed one more victory to qualify for the World Championship. How to deal with this situation?
  • 6:45 a.m – I could once again surprise my opponent in my preparation!
  • 8:47 a.m – Lilit Mkrtchyan vs. Mai Narva (Prague, 2022) Detailed analysis

Lilit Mkrtchyan is an international master from Armenia, received the title of IM in 2003.

She was one of the best female players in the world in the 2010s and has represented her national team in the Olympics since 1996.

In 2003, she won a gold medal with the Armenian team at the European Women’s Championship held in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.

In addition, Mkrtchyan won the Armenian Women’s Chess Championship four times.

In 2015, IM won the individual gold medal on the second board at the World Team Chess Championship in Chengdu, China.

He still remains one of the strongest chess players in Armenia, coaches several students and is an active player in chess leagues and tournaments.

We interviewed Lilith as part of our Best of 2020 series.

Lilith lives with her husband in Germany and plays chess almost every day.



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