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Pet owners traveling on Great Western Railway (GWR) trains this Christmas can benefit from a special train designed to make their journeys easier.

In a joint venture between B Corp’s pet food brand, Lily’s Kitchen, and Great Western Railway, a specially designed Lily’s Kitchen train, the ‘Santa Paws Express’ will ply the rail network this Christmas.

The train has a Christmas sack full of goodies and is the first of a series of measures aimed at making it easier for pet owners to travel with their pets by train during the Christmas season.

Rory the Vet from children’s TV channel CBBC will provide travel tips and advice, while Lily’s Kitchen has created a map highlighting the Great Western Railway stations which have handy areas for pet owners nearby to exercise their pets before departure to avoid difficulties accidents on the train.

Lily's Kitchen map
Lily’s Kitchen green areas map. // Credit: Lily’s Kitchen

In the run-up to Christmas, thousands of festive meals and treats made from the very best natural ingredients will be given away to four-legged travellers. They will be given away at a number of Great Western Railway customer service counters at stations including Oxford, Bath Spa and Bristol Parkway, and on trains traveling to Bristol on Wednesday 7 December.

On Thursday 8 December, visitors traveling with their pet by train to Bath’s famous Christmas markets can benefit from tastings from Lily’s Kitchen at Bath Spa station where helpers will be handing out ulti-MUTT treats.

Passengers looking to take their cat with them this Christmas will know that cats can be nervous passengers. Lily’s Kitchen recommends that cat owners should pre-book seats on a train’s quiet coach and travel at quieter times. In particular, they should avoid traveling on Friday evenings or Sundays, which are two of the busiest times for leisure travel by train.

As an incentive for people to travel with their pets and to prove that pet travel isn’t just for Christmas, pets can travel for free on Great Western Railway all year round.


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