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Published: 23; November 2022

It has been confirmed that Manufacturing and Engineering Week will return to center stage in June 2023.

The week-Fri festival combines live and digital events and celebrates the best the UK industrial sector has to offer. At the heart of the week are four exhibitions: – Design and Engineering Expo; Drives & Controls with AirTech and Fluid Power and Systems; Smart Factory Expo and Maintec will be held at Birmingham’s NEC.

Commenting on the news, Peter Jones, CEO of Nineteen Group, said: “We launched this year’s first Manufacturing & Engineering Week and it alludes to our ambition to build a Hannover Messe-type event. However, with the incredible additions we’ve made in 2023, I think Glastonbury is a more relevant reference for our ‘main stages’, big shows, or smaller stages. Or a series of British, themed sessions celebrating great creativity and original thinking on a grand scale that showcases cutting-edge technology. To bring like-minded people up to speed, highlight and inspire this important sector and, more importantly, ensure it’s a memorable and fun week.”

Manufacturing and Engineering Week 2023 will address the most prominent subjects outlined by its impressive Advisory Council, including Rosa Wilkinson; Director of Policy; High Value Manufacturing Catapult and Stephen Phipson CBE; CEO Including Make UK and Manufacturing and Engineering Week. Chairman. Due to the wide range of fields, the event is suitable for large audiences regardless of age. The sheer scale of the event ensures that there are more than enough relevant activities for everyone.

The exhibition will be held on June 7th and 8th. The Design and Engineering Expo gives all design engineers and product designers access to the latest technologies while connecting and learning with their peers. Whether it’s bleeding edge CAD/CAM developments from established technology leaders or R&D prototypes from startups, the show allows visitors to discuss their technical challenges and find new solutions.

People who use Maintec in continuous pursuit of work time; Technology and tools will be inspired and celebrated.

Reflecting the fact that Industry 4.0 and the IOT revolution have changed the working lives of maintenance professionals beyond recognition, the event will showcase the latest in predictive maintenance; Condition monitoring and CMMS (Computerised Maintenance Management) technology as well as the fundamentals of MRO (Maintenance) will be showcased. repair and operation including bearings and lubrication).

A new addition for 2023 following Nineteen Group’s recent acquisition of The Hennik Group is the Smart Factory Expo, produced by The Manufacturer and The The show includes a lot of thought-provoking content and is built on extensive market research and sector analysis. The SME Growth Summit and Sustainable Manufacturing Digitalisation Summitare providing leaders with the right ideas, tools and services they need to grow their business. Specially designed to provide connections and samples. The Manufacturing Top 100 Awards will run alongside these two events, which will publicly recognize the heroes of UK manufacturing and those outstanding for changing the face of the industry. The trendy ‘Innovation Alley’ feature is also a hub that showcases the latest technologies that will transform the manufacturing landscape in the next 5-10 years. Smart Factory Expo replaces the previous manufacturing expo and further strengthens digital transformation.

Drives & Controls for 2023 following their acquisition in September 2022; Includes Fluid Power and Systems and Airtech events. They will join as zones in 2023 before reverting to separate programs in June 2023. Drives and Controls is the ‘core of automation’, along with its sister events; The latest motor, drive automation; We will focus on power generation and transmission. compressed air and motion control technology. Powered by Drives & Controls magazine, visitors to the Zone will have access to an amazing variety of educational content, such as The Automation and Robotics Theater, which presents problem-solving case studies from their peers and recognized thought leaders.

Working with Hennik Research’s Managing Director Haf Cennydd, who oversees the week’s portfolio of manufacturing and engineering, we are delighted to bring together “Smart Factory Expo and Drives and Controls, its sister events in manufacturing. & Engineering Week 2023. Our ambitious scale for Manufacturing and Engineering Week means there will be a focus on the industrial sector, which will benefit everyone. Many like-minded people; Sustainability by bringing together businesses and trade groups; skills shortages; cyber security; energy costs; It can effect real change in areas such as digital transformation and supply chain.”

Confirmed businesses include Kimberly Clark; CRC Industries; Toyota Material Handling UK; Omron; Fluke; ifm; Ultimo Software Solutions; FLIR; Wurth Electronics; LG Motion and many more;


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