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Warm water. Freshly cut roses. Contagious smiles. A sharp mental light. Inner beauty. And the foaming Greek pot.

What do they have in common? In addition to a tiring romance novel or your reward after a hard day’s work. They all share a specific commemoration day: October 7th. Although many are just marketing schemes to fill calendars by industry lobbyists. -the blank” Days (eg, Bathtub, LED Lighting, Flower and Frappe), others are more meaningful. For example, National Inner Beauty Day raises awareness and supports victims of human trafficking. And Team Margot Day encourages the registration of stem cell and bone marrow donors to help treat serious illnesses and injuries.

National Manufacturing (MFG) Day also has a significant purpose.

students parents Connecting teachers and community leaders with America’s leading companies and educational institutions. every year Thousands of manufacturers share their latest technologies, They open their doors to showcase products and processes. The aim is to inspire a new generation of skilled workers to work in manufacturing.

Started by the Fabricators and Manufacturers’ Association in 2012, MFG Day is celebrated on the first Friday of October. Date – October This year, 7-shop floor lectures; exhibitions, seminars, We’re launching events throughout the month, including webinars and job fairs. North American manufacturers will “expertise” over the next decade. This is especially important considering the need to fill more than 4 million high-tech and high-paying” jobs.

About 14,000 manufacturers and related organizations are slated to participate.

SME once again supports the initiative with programs throughout October to promote learning and collaboration between makers and young creators. The list of events sponsored by the SME membership includes traditional webinars—creating pathways for a diverse talent pool and defining career opportunities in manufacturing—and open forum discussions on a core or emerging industry. content or technology. Subject matter experts are invited to share their insights and experiences.

to make it all go away SME Membership will be hosting a virtual happy hour on October 28th from 4-5pm. Participants are encouraged to bring their favorite beverages (frappes sold separately) and share what they learned during the month.

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This month’s issue of Manufacturing Engineering covers advanced robotics, laser processing; water jets; and collaboration with next-generation EDM and milling technologies; Education and industry leadership are encouraged.

Therefore, kick back, take a bath Or wear your favorite shirt (October 7th) and enjoy the day, whatever you do.


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