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Last month Floating city The Innovation Partnership hosted its 8th Annual Innovation Summit: The Metaverse and You RHYTHM. “Kalynkyi Kala” is leading Mark Sharp potential director of the innovation partnership. Mark’s vision is to make Tampa a leader in the metaverse economy. Sharpe in his introduction Soon, he said, every company will have a metaverse strategy, such as the Internet and social media. He said an evolution is underway, and that evolution has the potential to create the next generation of blue-collar, tech-supporting workforces.

“The possibilities for the metaverse to improve the way we live and work – in all areas of life – are endless, and we see companies, organizations and individuals who understand and take advantage of this new world starting to stand out. beat the laggards., – said Sharp. “We want to make sure Tampa and Uptown Tampa are at the forefront of this revolution.”

The event, which is free to the public, is presented by Verizon and is designed to give attendees a better understanding of what the metaverse is, how it affects our lives, and how Tampa Bay can position itself as a world-leading region. metaverse economy.

Eight-time Emmy Award-winning journalist and senior communications consultant Omni Publictechnology consulting firm, Lissette Campos served as MC, hosting a program endorsed by metaverse experts. Ronnie Abovitz and Guy Gilliland. Abovitz is the founder and CEO of Sun & Thunder, also known for founding the augmented reality pioneer, Magic leap. Gilliland leads the technology, media and telecommunications practice Boston Consulting Group and is an expert advisor on the use of critical information on the latest trends in technology.

When it comes to blue-collar tech workers, Abovitz claims that “…Tampa can dominate,” and how the Innovation Partnership metaverse is important in addressing relationships between companies and experts and the Tampa Bay area.

Further breakout sessions will include “Hitting the World You Want to Live In” by Jennifer Brown of Space Coast Cryptoconsulting, “How Web3 Will Impact Businesses” by Gabe Higgins. Blockspaces, “The Evolution of News.” St. Pete Catalyst “Minting is publishing” by publisher Joe Hamilton and Peter Lopez, Jr., author and founder of Pubify Press.

Is Tampa the center of the metaverse economy?

The Metaverse is a hypothetical iteration of the Internet as a unified, universal, and immersive virtual world. The world can be accessed using VR and or AR headsets. The metaverse has many practical applications, and Mark Sharp believes that, along with his partnerships with Sun and Thunder and The Boston Consulting Group, is their opportunity to build a blue-collar tech workforce through the metaverse. Endorsed by institutions such as the University of South Florida and Advent Health, RITHM Uptown in Tampa’s Innovation District is building an attractive neighborhood for companies with metaverse and Web3 applications. The district is home to Vu Technologies, which raised one of the largest seed rounds for a Tampa startup, and USF’s Applied Engineering Institute, whose applications are used by U.S. Central Command. Mark believes the next wave of success will come from building, scaling and bringing Metaverse and Web3 companies to the area.

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