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  • The authorStartupStory | November 5, 2022

Blockchain development has gained a lot of traction over time, so giant startups welcome new tools of the technology into the fold. Mastercard recently welcomed around 7 crypto and blockchain startups for their fintech innovation.

The new startups added are:-

  • Fasset
  • Digital Treasures Center
  • Stable
  • Bring back the mic studio
  • Lool Bolt
  • Square
  • Up
Mastercard fintech accelerator has chosen the name of the startups

In announcing the new application, Mastercard emphasized that the need and complement will facilitate access to digital assets. Along with ease of access, technology collaboration and healthy relationships between customers and channels will also be promoted.

Originally, it was part of the Mastercard Start Path program that started in 2014. This program mainly aims to help startups and help them scale up over the years. Many startups have joined in the past and they are currently growing globally.

Now the question is how Mastercard will benefit from adding new startups. Mastercard will be a supportive partner in startups, so it will benefit Mastercard in terms of revenue and other global trends.

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