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The mayor’s visit was limited to the area slated for development, and he did not visit any of the neighboring blocks, many of which are occupied by tenants in high-rise apartment buildings or single- or two-family homes.

During several public hearings on Innovation QNS, dozens of Astoria residents expressed concern that the development would eventually land on their blocks, prompting future searches from developers and raising nearby rents to prices they can’t afford.

In response to those concerns, Adams said his administration will monitor the development of Innovation QNS, as well as any future developments that may be proposed for the already sprawling neighborhood.

“We’ve got to make sure there’s no tenant harassment, we’ve got to make sure we don’t have landlords looking at it as a way to replace tenants,” Adams said. “It’s about including the tenants who are already here to make sure they can affordably stay here.”

Nina Fiore, an Astoria resident and founder of the Astoria Film Festival, was on the tour and said her support is tied to the idea that it’s better to be at the table advocating for the neighborhood than out of the room.

“[The mayor] We understand that nobody in this group wants to displace the working class — we’re all working class people and we respect what the community is,” Fiore said. “But we also see the changes that are happening, and we want to make sure community members benefit from the new development.”

“We can get some benefits from this project compared to small pop-up developments everywhere that don’t give us anything,” he added.

The fight to build affordable housing

Joining the Halloween tour was Vaughn’s vote.

The councilman called for developers to increase their affordability obligations to 55 percent, with 15 percent of the units covered by city subsidies and the remaining 40 percent by private funds.

Adams and Vaughn both confirmed Eagle The pair have been in touch about the project and both are in active talks with developers.

Although he never named her, Adams thought Vaughn and the City Council as a whole had been “corrupted.”[ing] deal”.

“I think that’s a question we need to ask those who are constantly calling for affordable housing to deal not only with the homeless, but with those who, if not in your neighborhood, are traditionally disenfranchised in their community.” where?” he added.

in a statement to his name EagleVaughn said he agrees that “the number of displaced and homeless people in our district and the city is increasing every week,” and said he would welcome “100 percent affordable housing on any vacant lot in our district.”

“Providing the greatest amount of affordable housing remains our top priority for Innovative Queens,” Vaughn said. “We weren’t invited to a tour of the Innovation Queens site today, but we’re talking daily to make sure the community’s voice is heard and their concerns are addressed.”

In February, Vaughn toured the proposed development site with Rafael Salamanca, chairman of the City Council’s Land Use Committee, “so he could meet hard-working multigenerational immigrant families who are at high risk of secondary displacement,” he said.


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