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In 2020, at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, VST ECS Phils, Inc. held a virtual forum to discuss the impact of COVID-19 on businesses and organizations, as well as how industries have weathered the difficult times.

The pandemic has resulted in rapid changes in the way people work, shop, connect, conduct business, access and create content. Unfortunately, cyber attacks have also increased. In light of these unexpected changes, an updated IT infrastructure is needed.

The forum is committed to increasing understanding of current events and how the pandemic will impact business communities in August 2020.

Next year, VST ECS hosted the CXO Innovation Summit 2021 in December, which looks set to be the largest virtual gathering of tech brands and IT leaders to help attendees navigate the future of digital business. Since 2018, the event has become an important meeting place for technology providers and key IT decision makers to share insights, industry trends and technology updates.

Going back to 2019, the CXO Innovation Summit was held at the Shangri-La Resort in Boracay before and without the threat of the pandemic. Jimmy Goh, President and CEO of VST ECS, founded the CXO Innovation Summit to help organizations capitalize on technological advancements by sharing insights, best practices and industry trends.

In light of the massive explosion and expansion of data, the CXO Innovation Summit also aims to create a common understanding of how to organize and unlock the value of data using available and proven technologies.

The CXO Innovation Summit has become an important forum for IT vendors and key IT decision makers to share knowledge, market trends and technological advancements.

2022 brought new hopes and opportunities as the shadows of fCovid-19 slowly emerge around the world and it was seen as an opportunity to bring the CXO Innovation Summit back to a physical location once again.

“It’s been over 3 years since we held the last CXO Innovation Summit due to the pandemic. It’s been 2 years since the virtual event. I hope the pandemic is over because we are all excited about face-to-face events,” Goh said in his welcome speech at the opening of the CXO Innovation Summit 2022, which is returning this year to Shangri-La Resort, Boracay.

The summit was held between November 22 and November 25. The four-day summit featured keynote speeches from C-Level and technology leaders represented by ORACLE, Trend Micro, CISCO, HUAWEI, Adobe, VMWare under the theme “Modernization in the Age of Digital Economy”. , Fortinet, Dell Technologies, YugabyteDB, Aruba, APC, Lenovo, IBM, HPE and Microsoft.

“Our last face-to-face CXO meeting was in October 2019, and the discussion focused on data-driven organizations. At the height of the pandemic, technology has played a key role in keeping businesses flexible and in touch with colleagues, friends and family. It also enables online education, remote workforce support, and the ability for companies to operate digitally,” continue.

The pandemic has seen significant shifts in IT priorities, requiring organizations to realign technology spending and accelerate IT investment plans. As digital adoption accelerates, new opportunities emerge, but it also presents vulnerabilities.

This makes the CXO Innovation Summit 2022 the perfect place to discuss IT infrastructure, modernization and digital transformation, as well as an opportunity for CXOs and IT leaders to collaborate, interact and share their experiences and achievements in digitization. .

The CXO Innovation Summit event will always be a relevant platform to learn about technology trends, industry practices and advanced ICT solutions.

“VST ECS as a leading ICT distributor is here to help you all modernize your IT infrastructure and digital transformation. We have invited all the best experts from the ICT industry, from suppliers and users, to the CXO Summit to help modernize digital transformation,” said Go to this year’s attendees.

This annual event, as per the tradition of the summit, was held in partnership with leading ICT brands for C-Level participants and participants from various verticals to share knowledge, technology and experience on digital transformation topics.




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