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At the New Brunswick Innovation Fund (NBIF), we have an unwavering belief in the potential of New Brunswick entrepreneurs. For 20 years, we have invested in the NB innovation ecosystem on behalf of the Government of New Brunswick, providing National Bank entrepreneurs with the investment resources and expertise they need to realize new opportunities and advance innovation in advanced manufacturing, ICT and digital health.

We’re celebrating the success of the entrepreneurs we’re here to support – Potential Motors, a Fredericton-based company, recently officially launched its first electric off-road vehicle, the Adventure 1.

At just 64 inches wide, this EV can reach ATV trails and remote areas that conventional EV trucks or SUVs can’t reach. It also includes innovative vehicle control software that integrates subsystems such as torque control and suspension and actively optimizes them to adapt to different terrains.

Adventure 1 is the final chapter in an incredible journey for Potential Motors. CEO Sam Poirier developed his vision for greener options for transportation as an engineering student at the University of New Brunswick, focusing primarily on electrifying gas-powered vehicles.

Although his conversion technology was not commercially viable, he found that Potential Motors’ Off-Road OS technology outperformed any manufacturer’s offering. Unlike mainstream electric vehicles, the off-road market has had few regulatory challenges. Through extensive industry research, Poirier and his team realized that existing electric vehicles were unable to adapt to complex terrain and driving conditions.

They took the opportunity to develop their demo car, changing off-road electric cars today and the wider EV industry tomorrow. The Off-Road OS and its associated technology are aimed at supporting off-road vehicle manufacturers in developing successful electric products.

Off-Road OS is easily scalable across different product lines and allows manufacturers to improve the driver experience while reducing the complexity of new product development. By empowering mass manufacturers to produce successful EV products, Potential Motors makes electric vehicles the ultimate solution for off-road adventures.

In an industry that centers mass production in the United States, China, Japan and Germany, we as a province punch well above our weight, being home to one of the biggest EV game changers of the last decade.

Since Potential Motors Corporation was founded in 2019, NBIF has invested $1.5 million in this homegrown innovation. The company has raised more than $6 million in investments across Canada and the United States. As their name suggests, the “potential” of Potential Motors is endless. They’re proof that innovation and game-changing ideas can come from anywhere – and at NB, we have the talent and tools to bring these great ideas to life.

Success stories like potential motors have a lasting impact and we should be proud of them. At NBIF, we continue to support the next generation of entrepreneurs and support their growth
progress. Why? Because they will be the people who will change our people, our economy and our province
future. It’s an investment worth making.


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