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Toyota’s small crossover SUVs often make up each opponent’s list of models in the top class. For 2021, many critics ranked the Toyota RAV4 near the top of every SUV comparison. However, while some lists show the 2022 RAV4 near the top, one auto review organization didn’t find a spot for any Toyota model on its compact SUV list. So which brands earned the 2022 Consumer Guide Best Buy badge?

Is the 2022 Honda CR-V a good compact SUV?

A red Honda CR-V is driving on the road.
Honda CR-V | Honda

Consumer Guide has listed the 2022 Honda CR-V at the top of its compact SUV Best Buy list because of its “flexibility for travel and cargo, excellent handling, and excellent Hybrid quality.” However, the 2022 CR-V’s negatives include a low-fuel engine and a lack of options compared to other vehicles in the class.


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