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Amy Morrissey Turk and R. Trent Taylor

In 2019, the Retail Litigation Center (RLC) selected McGuireWoods as one of two law firms in the country to partner with to review class action litigation and guide retailers in the fight against frivolous suits.

Norfolk partner Amy Morrissey Turk led the firm’s involvement in the RLC Defense Division, calling it “a great opportunity for McGuireWoods to showcase our litigation and litigation expertise in the retail industry.”

Turk has now joined with Richmond partner R. Trent Taylor – an internationally recognized executive with extensive experience in consumer and retail practices and food writing and litigation – to lead McGuireWoods’ dedicated consumer and commercial team.

The diverse team, located in cities in the United States and London, includes a wide range of lawyers who represent clients in locations, from global retailers to mid-market markets.

“We’re taking every step of the way to be intentional about the many things our attorneys face,” said Turk, who rejoined the firm in 2018 after serving 11 years as a senior associate at Dollar Tree Inc. We are happy to provide comprehensive support to our wholesale and retail customers as a collaborative team. “

The team’s full-service capabilities include advertising, branding and writing; class, group and multitasking; consumer product management and risk management; franchising; cannabis, hemp and CBD consumer products; food and drink; all around the world; Financial assistance and business services; and e-commerce is omnichannel.

“For years, McGuireWoods has represented clients in the retail and wholesale industries, from defending major automakers in commercial litigation to advising national grocers in multimillion-dollar commercial transactions. The team serves as a bridge between attorneys involved in the company’s practice and industry groups. adding to McGuireWoods Consulting’s knowledge and experience in helping clients overcome these increasingly complex challenges,” said Taylor.

Added Turk, “McGuireWoods has a deep pool of lawyers with extensive experience in this field. Our team brings unparalleled knowledge of the challenges that buyers and sellers face, and will face in the future. In real estate, a service that offers many products and services under one roof is known as ‘ one-stop shop.’ For sellers, McGuireWoods can act as a one-stop shop for their legal needs.”


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