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Kozhikode: The renaming of information centers at railway stations as ‘Sahyog’ is confusing people from non-Hindi speaking states. Passengers, who are not aware of the change, get confused when they find the office which provides important information like train status.

Earlier, the information center displayed a board in Hindi, English and local languages. However, this was recently replaced with ‘Sahyog’ in Hindi and English in a move widely criticized as Hindi imposition.

Foreign passengers also suffer from this.

The information center is also the place to get a wheelchair and sometimes resolve complaints. The union government says that the center is no longer just an information centre, but has become an aid center and that it was therefore renamed. However, there is no justification for the ‘Hindi imposition’, say critics.

The Palakkad division completed its renaming on 27 October.

A parliamentary committee had recently recommended that the medium of instruction in technical and non-technical higher education institutions like IITs in Hindi-speaking states should be Hindi and in other parts of India their respective local languages. It said that the use of English should be made optional. Chief ministers of Kerala and Tamil Nadu expressed strong opposition to the recommendations of the committee headed by union home minister Amit Shah.


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