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Academically rigorous. Respected all over the world. Be friendly with teachers. Meaningful out-of-class experiences. Opportunities for leadership and personal development. These are just a few of the qualities that make Penn State Behrend stand out. It offers undergraduates and graduates the best of both worlds: a student-friendly college with the academic resources of a major research university.

Its engineering school is also thriving. It’s a top 40 engineering school (US News & World Report) and for good reason. It has modern facilities, Award-winning faculties; offers engineering and engineering technology programs; small class sizes; Emphasis on student design and research experiences; and certain superior internships and work placements;

Master of Manufacturing Management (MMM) is a These rigorously designed programs. Offered jointly by the School of Engineering and the AACSB International-accredited Black School of Business, MMM is an interdisciplinary graduate program that brings together the business and engineering aspects of modern manufacturing. It is one of only a handful of production-focused management programs in the country.

MMM allows students to develop their leadership and organizational management skills to enhance their career in a manufacturing environment. Just ask Class of 2007 graduate Chris Schreck.

He was working as a mold engineer when he was promoted to a management position. Schreck considered an MBA to complement his degree in mechanical engineering technology from Penn State Behrend, but was looking for something more to match his technical knowledge.

“Something besides business; “I like MMM because it’s based on something (engineering) that I’m familiar with,” he said.

Source: Penn State University Behrend, MMM

Source: Penn State University Behrend, MMM

The 32-credit program teaches students about quality and waste; sustainability; discrete and continuous production and operation; supply chain and logistics; efficiency and reliability; Enables exploration of data analytics and Industry 4.0. Students work in interdisciplinary teams and understand the fundamentals and theories before moving into practice and application where they undertake industrial projects. The curriculum culminates in an industry-sponsored capstone project and a three-day summer residency that includes a plant visit and leadership engagement.

Manufacturing depends heavily on successful teams. The engineering school knows this better. Here, Emphasis on diversity – team selection depends on student background; work experience Cultural and gender considerations. These teams receive extensive training, participate in team building exercises, and benefit from individual leadership training. Capitalizing on the entire curriculum provides students with comprehensive speech, language, and information that will capitalize on them throughout their careers. writing Development of a professional development program that complements coordination and teamwork skills. Their communication and leadership skills—both critical in today’s business environment—are enhanced.

Schreck quickly put his MMM to work. “Manufacturing systems planning and control opened my eyes to how to use EOQ, economic order quantity and make decisions when purchasing materials,” he says. “I learned the essentials of the business side from management lecturer Randy Brown, how net present value, income statements and data can support sound financial decision making.”

The best part of MMM? often. Most students take online classes. In each semester, They were twice over the weekend. In addition to the 10-hour campus visits, they also do a three-day summer residency for plant visits. They can choose to study full-time or complete a 22-month part-time study program.

“Achieving a master’s degree can be a challenge for any working adult, and manufacturing professionals have additional concerns about developing production schedules that accommodate shift work,” said Samuel A. and Elizabeth B. Breene Professor Dr. Diane Parente. Associate Director of Management and Programs; “Converting the program to a combination of online and weekend study allows a greater number of students to enjoy the benefits of higher education.”

Ultimately, at Penn State Behrend; You’ll attend a friendly, tight-knit college that excels beyond its size. Find out how you can achieve the management readiness employers are looking for here.


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