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Picafuel celebrates its 5th anniversary with innovations that help energy retailers prepare for the future by digitizing the retail experience and securing their position as industry leaders. Picafuel takes a trip down memory lane and paves the way for the future of fuel retail.

Picafuel was born in 2017 as the brainchild of oil and gas expert Sion Ginat.

While serving as CEO of Delek Europe, a gas station retail company with approximately 1,300 stations and 950 stores in France, the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg, Sion saw the industry change dramatically.

After carefully observing the changes in the industry over time, Sion decided to seize the opportunity and set out to create a new solution for fuel retailers. Adapted to changes in the industry. The goal was to help them better serve their customers while adding additional revenue streams. Until 2017, there was no such comprehensive solution.

From Beginner to Star Player: Why Picafuel Leads?

This realization prompted Zion to launch Picafuel, a platform that helps fuel retailers transform the way drivers consume services, allowing fuel retailers to diversify their businesses with the technology they lack.

The vision was to provide an integrated, holistic solution that addresses the unique challenges of the B2B fuel industry on one, single platform. This includes core systems for fueling businesses, all the way from specialized and industry-specific CRM, fully integrated with financial management, through fraud management and customer engagement solutions for advanced and personalized marketing.

“Being in this field myself, I understand the needs of fuel sellers. I know that it is not easy to adapt any system to refueling. We develop our solutions solely to make fuel retailers more efficient and better serve their customers. We know what they need now and in the future, so we can meet their exact needs.” Sion Ginat, Founder and CEO of Picafuel

On the Road: Preparing for the Future

“Looking to the future, we know it’s not enough to recognize today’s trends – we’re laying the groundwork for tomorrow’s fuel retail now!”” Sion Ginat, Founder and CEO of Picafuel

Three trends in the retail fuel industry have stood out over the past few years, and retailers should prepare for them, if they haven’t already:

  • Evolving customer expectations

As customer behavior changes and consumers value gas stations with digitalization and complementary products and services, fuel retailers must focus on customer focus to reduce margins on fuel sales. Fuel retailers looking to acquire new customers, retain them and maintain a competitive advantage must reinvent the customer journey and proposition.

Growing EV sales are reshaping the automotive and mobility industries. By 2040, electric cars will surpass gasoline and diesel. More electric vehicles on the road means more demand for charging points. In other words, there’s never been a better time to invest in an EV. EMSPs need to lay the foundation for tomorrow’s e-mobility and ensure their charging infrastructure can meet the growing demand. CPOs must ensure that the network of chargers is operational, available and stable 24/7. Fuel retailers must plan and prepare for the changes that will transform their industry.

To facilitate the improvement of the customer journey and increase the efficiency of operations, retailers should not waste time and resources on multiple legacy platforms that hinder their business efforts. Digital technologies enable retailers to understand operational performance and changing customer needs. AI and big data analytics help capitalize on customer data in new ways.

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