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Northwest Territories Premier Caroline Cochrane and Health and Social Services Minister Julie Green met with the Wellbeing Support team to congratulate them on receiving the Council of the Federation (COF) Award for Innovation in Mental Health and Addiction Treatment.

The award is presented by premiers from each province and territory for innovative initiatives that positively impact mental health and substance abuse in their respective jurisdictions. Each winner will receive a $5,000 prize to advance their initiative.

Supporting Wellbeing is an evolving curriculum aimed at providing tools and resources to better prepare on-the-ground programming providers to respond to mental health issues on the continent.


“Mental health and addiction issues continue to affect many Canadians. For residents of the Northwest Territories, being on the ground is very important. Our traditional knowledge, language and culture are connected to the land. Culturally appropriate and trauma-informed approaches are key to helping residents with their mental health and addiction issues, given the pervasiveness of colonization-related trauma, supporting well-being can help break down barriers and allow more people to step out and know who they are. will be supported.”

Caroline Cochrane, Premier of the Northwest Territories

“We hear time and time again that healing on the ground is an important step toward healing the intergenerational trauma of colonization. It is very important to have local specialists who can offer this treatment. Congratulations to Supportive Wellbeing for this award, which recognizes the group’s innovative response to the need for trauma-informed training and programs in mental health and substance abuse.

Julie Green, Minister of Health and Social Services

Fast facts

  • Federation Council enables premiers to work together, build strong relationships, foster constructive relationships between governments and provide leadership on issues that matter to Canadians.
  • Supporting Wellbeing is a curriculum that provides tools for on-the-ground programming providers. The program better prepares service providers to facilitate and respond to mental health issues in remote environments during programs on the ground.
  • During the training, leaders are exposed to several topics in the planning and delivery of trauma-informed land programs, including intergenerational trauma, suicide interventions, conflict resolution, and follow-up care for participants.
  • Health promotion strengthens the overall effectiveness of land programs across the NWT.

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