Process Control: How LegalOps Drives Technological Innovation | So Good News


Jen Lenander, Global Head of Legal Operations at CSL Behring, is our guest on this fourth episode of DISCO’s Just Hearsay podcast series. Lenander has a long history of working at the intersection of law, technology and innovation to help law firms and lawyers work smarter, not harder. Just hearing DISCO Vice President of Product Strategy Kristin Zmrhal and DISCO Vice President of Product Strategy Kathy DeBord discuss what it’s like to take control of the LegalOps process, and how technology can make end-to-end decisions like the contract lifecycle. What it takes to change the way management and lawyers think about the technology they use.

Just hearing A podcast series sponsored by DISCO. In the first two episodes, Zmrhal and DeBord talked about career development and their path to legal technology. In episode three, Zmrhal spoke to Casey Flaherty of LexFusion about the importance of community and collaboration in the legal tech space.


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