Production delays and high demand have led to amoxicillin shortages. | So Good News


COLORADO SPRINGS — Production delays and high demand are causing a national shortage of Amoxicillin. And we see the impact of shortages domestically.

I called about 10 local pharmacies who said those two factors are affecting the supply of amoxicillin. production and quality issues; Delays and suspensions could cause these outages, an FDA spokesman said. Pharmacies tell me that more people need to get amoxicillin this year; This may be days before any drug is filled from the shelves of any pharmacy.

W. Colorado Ave. I spoke with Krista Van Lacker, local pharmacist manager at the Medicine Shoppe, about why this is so.

“Many of them are short-staffed and busy, so find a small, locally-owned independent pharmacy where you can spend more time helping yourself. If not, take it into your own hands and take it to your doctor,” Van Lacker said.

Calling your doctor can help because they can change your prescription to something more available.

The FDA says they are working with drugmakers to back up supplies. In the meantime, call and see which pharmacies have the medications you need.

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