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Visit them at Pulsemaster Stand R30 at Interpom 2022 and meet PEF’s team of experts to discover their cutting edge PEF technology. They will be happy to discuss your upcoming PEF projects.

Are you looking for the possibilities of a pulsed electric field in potato processing to create the wonderful potatoes and chips that are famous all over the world? Don’t miss this unique opportunity to discuss the latest information on Pulsemaster pulsed electric field processing. Their Pulsemaster PEF-systems are a must-see innovation at Interpom 2022.

The potato industry Expo Interpom 2022 will be held on November 27, 28 and 29 in Kortrijk Xpo (Belgium) and the theme is: On the road to healthy growth.

Pulsemaster Stand R30 Interpom 2022

Pulsemaster PEF for large, raw peeled and skinned potatoes

In 2022, Pulsemaster successfully introduced a new PEF system for large, raw peeled and skinned potatoes to make french fries in North America. Repeat orders are now being built.

Pulsemaster PEF Belt Unit for Large, Raw, Peeled and Peeled Potatoes

As the #1 supplier of Impulsed Electric Field systems for better french fries and potato chips, the innovative Dutch-German company Pulsemaster continues to specialize in pulsed electric field processing. With Pulsemaster PEF-systems, great improvements can be achieved in the production process of chips and fries.

Pulsemaster aims to use this innovative technology (also known as electroporation) in a wide range of applications in the food industry. PEF technology meets the industry’s need for natural and clean processes.

Pulsed electric fields are a purely physical treatment of potatoes without a significant increase in the temperature of the potatoes. Inside the cell wall is a membrane that holds its contents together.

Electrical pulses are used to drill small holes in potato cell membranes. There is nothing chemical in this process, it is a purely physical treatment of the potato cell membranes and greatly benefits the product and the process.

What do French fries and chip processors get out of it?

By drilling holes in membranes with pulses, cell pressure is reduced in potatoes. As a result, you get a much better cut, a much nicer cut, the potatoes don’t break easily, they’re smooth and they absorb less oil, so you use less oil.

PEF treatment facilitates moisture absorption and evaporation. Blanching and roasting time can be reduced. Yields are also higher because less potato starch is lost and less potato breakage. Other benefits include better potato texture. In addition, the potatoes will be crispy. These effects also apply to chip manufacturing.

They are easy to cut, their surfaces are smooth, so they absorb 10% less oil. A smooth cut minimizes starch loss and free starch on the surface of the slice, resulting in less halving and stickiness. Chip line yield can be improved up to 2%. Thanks to the PEF treatment, water is released faster during roasting.

Pulsemaster PEF systems are also in high demand in Europe

A new Pulsemaster PEF system was recently delivered to a German French roaster.

A truck with a Pulsemaster PEF system on the road in Germany

The market of healthy foods is developing rapidly

One area that Pulsemaster finds particularly interesting is pulsed electric field generation for the premium food market based on dehydrated fruits and vegetables. Vegetable dishes formed by dehydration and drying rather than roasting.

PEF enables high-speed, low-temperature drying above or below the freezing point, preserving nutritional value, bioactivity, flavor, color and texture better than classical methods.


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