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Q&A: Congratulations to Iowa Manufacturing!

With US Senator Chuck Grassley

Q: How important is manufacturing to the Iowa economy?

A- The manufacturing sector employs more than 200,000 Iowans producing a variety of labor and productivity goods that help pay wages and paychecks for Iowa families. According to an Iowa State University analysis, Iowa’s nearly 3,500 manufacturers pump more than $33 billion into the state’s economy, making it the second-largest sector in Iowa. chemicals from agricultural products; fertilizers, transportation equipment; to metal production and food processing; Iowa manufacturing is one of the crown jewels of America’s heartland. We have a reputation for producing high quality products at competitive prices with a workforce that prides itself on its industry. at least once in each of Iowa’s 99 counties; We meet every year. Among my favorite stops was visiting the manufacturing facilities and seeing the products in Iowa. I especially enjoyed the Q&A with the workers after the tour. I spent 10 years working on the factory floor myself to provide for my family, and I want to hear what goes through the minds of workers today. without doubt The number one concern Iowans hear is the high cost of living. The consumer price index rose 8.2 percent in the year to September. The White House needs to stop using the federal treasury as a cash cow and restore American energy independence. A significant factor driving up costs is high fuel prices. This leads to higher food costs at the grocery store. It doesn’t take an economist to figure out why consumers are taking a beating when diesel costs nearly $6 a gallon. Fuel is needed to farm and harvest crops, fork food from the field, and move consumer goods from the factory to the warehouse for storage. Inflationary pressures on inputs and raw materials compound the costs of running and operating a business. This creates uncertainty for manufacturers. After One last point What Congress should do is raise taxes on the economic engine in our communities.

Q: What did the Iowa producers tell you?

A- During my 99 district meetings; I visited several manufacturers to learn more about their businesses and learn about their successes and challenges. Dee Zee in Des Moines; Inc. From independence to Geater production. Winnebago Industries in Forest City and PS Manufacturing in Guthrie Center; I admire their resilience and innovation. Epidemic challenges for Iowa producers; From labor shortages to supply chain disruptions, he was particularly impressed by how they adapted to survive 40-year high inflation and the interest rates that came with it. What we’re hearing from Iowans and manufacturers is clear: Energy prices are emptying people’s wallets and eating into businesses’ bottom lines. This advice informs my work in Washington. I asked the Biden administration to show its commitment to biofuels. Increase mixing obligations. In all renewable fuels. He is also the chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, which writes taxes. In 2017, it was regulated according to the law. Tax Cuts and Jobs Act It has helped US manufacturers expand and invest in people and businesses. We will fight tooth and nail to keep these pro-progressive tax provisions in the tax code. Last year, I voted for the bipartisan infrastructure legislation that renews the federal highway bill and provides roads, roads, and infrastructure that will support Iowa’s economy for decades to come. This included investments in bridges and broadband. We also support the expansion of Pell Grants to help workers obtain training and certification in skilled trades to improve their earning potential and fill employment opportunities in our manufacturing sector. When people work Our economy works.

October is National Manufacturing Month.


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