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Delhi, October 6, 2022: Railways has increased the fare for all classes by giving super fast status to 130 Mail-Express trains across the country. Under this, the fare has been increased by Rs 75 per passenger in AC-1 and Executive class trains, Rs 45 in AC-2, 3, chair coach, and Rs 30 per passenger in sleeper class. Hence, while booking PNR, passengers have to pay an additional payment of Rs 450 in AC-1, Rs 270 in AC-2, 3 and Rs 180 in Sleeper. This scheme has been implemented since 1 October.

However, there has been no improvement in catering, passenger safety or facilities in all these trains. Jernbane has increased the fare in all classes without spending a single kroner on this item. According to the railway rules, trains running at an average speed of 56 km/h are given super fast status in the timetable.

Experts say Indian Railways has not been able to increase the average speed of trains for 45 years. In this, the average speed of Mail-Express trains for four decades is 50 to 58 kmph, while the average speed of Railways premium Rajdhani, Shatabdi, Duronto trains and others is 70-85 kmph. 15-20% of trains never reach their destination on time. 60% of the trains arrive 15-20 minutes late.

In the new railway route 2022-23, a large number of passenger trains have been given Mail-Express status. This simply means that thousands of daily commuters will not be able to travel in these trains as the increased fare will get in the way. For journeys without a ticket, both the ticket and the fine are charged. Apart from this, in addition to the base fare in Mail-Express trains, GST inclusive of reservation fee and a superfast fee are required.

For example, the passenger train 2022-23 Delhi-Bhatinda (train no. 20409) has been given the status of Mail-Express in the timetable. The distance is 298 km, while the railway rules state that passenger trains run up to 325 km. This train has also been given the status of superfast. Delhi-Saharanpur (Train No. 20411) has been given Passengers to Mail-Express status, while the distance of Delhi-Saharanpur is 181 km.

In the new timetable, Meerut-Sriganga Nagar via Delhi (No. 14030) train has been run. The train has 84 stops in a distance of 588 km. The first stop is at Partapur station, four km away from Meerut railway station. Because of this, the train takes 17 hours more to cover a distance of 588 km. The average speed is still 35 kilometers per hour.

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