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Kalypso Media revealed this past week that they will be launching a closed beta for their upcoming game Railway Empire 2. The team will initially test out elements of the game in a limited format so you can see what it looks like beforehand while they make sure it can run properly. To take part in the beta, you must sign up to be a part of it in advance. If you happen to come in and can participate, the team would love to hear all your thoughts in theirs Disagreement. We have more information on the beta below as applications close on November 6th.

Kalypso Media Announces Railway Empire 2 & Dungeons 4
Credit: Kalypso Media

The closed beta will run from November 18th to 29th, with applications now available for aspiring rail tycoons. A select number of lucky players board the train, where they get an exclusive first look at what it takes to build the largest railway company on the continent. Including the full tutorial and the first campaign mission with up to 6 hours of gameplay, select players can get their hands on the sequel’s latest features, including improved level construction and the detailed game world. Feeling business savvy?

IN Railway Empire 2, your journey to railroad dominance begins when you take over a small train company in the 1800s. With larger and more detailed landscapes than ever before, choose from expansive maps of Europe or North America, where you’ll establish the roots of a railway company like no other on the continent. With improved track construction, real-time terraforming and huge regional maps, there are countless ways to improve your ever-expanding rail network and outperform your competition. Whether it’s intricate management or calm construction, Railway Empire 2 has game options that will appeal to everyone with its free play and construction modes, 5 campaigns and 14 scenarios. You can even board the train, sit back and enjoy the view.

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