Railway property company sets up a working group | So Good News


Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Railway Property Management Company Limited, Mr.Timothy Zalanga has said, a Task Force has been set up to identify individuals and organizations that have encroached on railway land.

He said the task force set up in Kaduna has just submitted its report while work is ongoing to set up similar task force in all the other districts to guide against encroachment on railway land.

Zalanga further stated that the company has currently engaged two consulting firms to assist in the collection of debts on land leased to certain individuals and organizations.

According to him, the construction of modern railway stations along the Abuja-Kaduna, Warri-Itakpe and Lagos-Ibadan railway corridors in the near future will attract development as many jobs will be created either directly or indirectly.

He noted that the company has also adopted the possibility of dialogue with certain organizations that have encroached on railway land along the aforementioned railway corridors.

Similarly, the company is developing a digitized Geographical Information Portal that indicates the space limitation interested investors can acquire land on lease for investments around the railway corridor.

Zalanga, said, the digital portal, once developed, can be accessed by the public to guide against encroachment on railway land.


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