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In yet another sustainable and interesting decision, an old train carriage at West Bengal’s new Jalpaiguri railway station has been recycled and turned into a restaurant. The restaurant, designed with similar aesthetics to the railway, would give customers the atmosphere of a passenger in a railway station.

Indian Railways is known for converting its old coaches into innovative concepts and it increases the department’s revenue as well as employment scope. With the latest addition, more people should experience the exclusive kitchen with the backdrop of the railway.

“Coach To Restaurant!”

The Indian Railways is known for dishing out creative culinary experiences to its visitors and such an experience is now being arranged at the New Jalpaiguri Junction railway station in Siliguri in West Bengal.

Sharing pictures of the railway restaurant, the Ministry of Railways took to Twitter and said, “Coach to Restaurant! With an aim to provide visitors with a unique experience, an aesthetically designed Rail Coach Restaurant has been opened at New Jalpaiguri Railway Station, West Bengal.” Along with these were added images of the restaurant decorated with paintings, lighting, yellow seats and the structure emphasizing that the restaurant was built by recycling an old bus.

They have managed to significantly reduce the amount of waste that would have gone to the disposal of old buses. The department has set an example in recycling through initiatives such as these, and it also reflects the country’s long history of artistic and engineering excellence.

An Indian Express article quoted Additional Divisional Railway Manager for New Jalpaiguri Junction, Sanjay Chilwarwar, as saying that the restaurant has a seating capacity of 32 and serves various cuisines from North Indian to Chinese.

The restaurant is expected to contribute to the revenue of the Indian Railways and at the same time give the passengers a unique experience of dining in a railway coach. Furthermore, they have ensured that the service remains to the point of appointing 40 staff who work around 6am to 10pm.

Recycling to create unforgettable experiences

The tweet received hugely positive responses from netizens who were happy to try out the railway restaurant idea.

Meanwhile, this happens to be one of many such initiatives undertaken by Indian Railways. The first ever such Rail restaurant was set up in 2020 by Eastern Railways at Asansol station in West Bengal.

This concept then found its way over to platform number 6 at Jabalpur railway station, platform number 18 at Mumbai Chattrapati Shivaji Maharaj Terminus (CSMT), and so on. Most of these restaurants have done well with their multi-course offerings as well as their decorations, which include artifacts and paintings related to Indian history.

According to a report by FirstPost, there was also another case of an Air India Airbus 320 being converted into a restaurant in Ludhiana, Punjab. The retired airbus was brought in for parts and redesigned by engineers to welcome customers to a distinctive dining experience.

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