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Holiday rush The railways take various measures to regulate the crowds at the railway stations

Holiday rush hour: The railways take various measures to regulate the crowds at the railway stations

Amid a massive increase in the number of visitors during this festive season, railways have taken various measures to control and regulate the crowd at railway stations.

As part of the measures, all rakes, including special trains, will be placed on the platform at least 30 minutes before scheduled departure, the Ministry of Railways states in a PIB announcement.

Railway officers are posted as Special Duty Officers at stations during peak hours for overall supervision and coordination, it added.

Proper train inquiry system and announcement system will be ensured and all train information boards will be in working order and will display updated information, the release said.

Further, railway hospitals, railway dispensaries near railway stations have been asked to be prepared in case of any possible untoward incident at railway stations. “Regular monitoring is being carried out through a dedicated WhatsApp group,” the ministry said.

All escalators at the railway stations will be manned, it stated.

Mini control rooms are set up (from 06:00 to 24:00) with designated staff of operations, commercial, mechanical, engineering, electrical, RPF and medical at terminal stations. These well equipped mini control rooms have facilities like telephone, train information, panel room connection, platform and CCTV feed for the circulating area.

At terminal stations, tents are provided in a circulating area with a capacity of more than 500 passengers. The temporary waiting area, mobile toilets, additional water taps in front of the tent area, additional reservation counters and UTS booking counters, inquiry counters, large LCD screens for train information and public address system, storage for food and snacks and RPF help desk counters have been provided, the release said.

Dispatch of a doctor is from 06.00 to 24.00. Doctors are available at short notice 24 hours a day at the terminal stations as well as at all major stations. First aid posts with paramedical staff, sufficient stretchers and wheelchairs have been set up at the stations. Availability of an ambulance at major stations is ensured.


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