Reuters Tankan is a monthly, It aims to pre-fetch the Bank of Japan’s own quarterly Tankan report.

Production Morale Index +2 (previously +5)

  • This is the worst since January 2021.
  • It fell for the third consecutive month.

Non-Productive Morale Index +20 (previously +15)

  • Best read since October 2019

Entrepreneurs expect their business conditions to improve in the next three months.

  • In February, the index was seen at +7.

Service sector

  • In February, the index is seen at +19.

Select comments from a report by Reuters:

  • “Costs are going up. Crude oil
  • “A slow and prolonged decline in China’s auto production due to chip shortages and high steel and energy inputs could prevent sales from increasing profits,” a manager at another machinery maker wrote in the survey.